How To Choose The Right Thong Bikini – Thong Bikini Size – First Time Thongers

How To Choose The Right Thong – Thong Bikini Size – First Time Thongers

Thong Bikini


How To Choose The Right Thong
Bikini – Thong Bikini Size – First Time Thongers

Spring Break is just around the
corner and starting on Jan 1st and ramping up to the end
of March Thong Bikini and G String sales will go through the roof.

Between Jan 1st and
March 31s – , 85% of all online thong bikini sales will
take place for the year.

So we decided to give a few
pointers on what thong bikini style to purchase for your body type
and some pointers for women heading out to wear a thong bikini in
public for the first time.

Basic Styles

The Thong which has a
triangular string bikini front with a strip up the back of the
swimsuit forming the T back

The G String Bikini
which as a small triangular front but only a string up the back

The Tonga Bikini which
is similar to the thong but has a slight bit more rear coverage.

Thong Bikinis G String Bikini Tonga Bikini
Thong Bikini G String Bikini Tonga Bikini

Wearing the Thong Bikini For
The First Time

Heading out into public with a
thong bikini on for the first time can be a little nerve racking but
here are some pointers.

First of all, you are not the
only woman wearing a thong bikini, and remember there is not really
that much difference between a tanga bikini and a thong bikini.

If you are not use to wearing a
thong, wear it for short periods of time during the days leading
your trip under your cloths. This will get your body accustomed to
the feel and we guarantee you will love the freedom that the thong
bikini offers.

In the evenings, put on your
thong and wear it around your bedroom, look at yourself in the
mirror and get use to the fit and the feel.

When the day comes that you are
going to wear the thong out in public, Wrap a towel or sarong around
your waist and take your first walk. Find a comfortable place to
relax in the sun and lay out your towel. Start by lying on your back
for a few minutes and the rest will be history.

For most women once they get
over the initial nervousness, love their thong bikinis and prefer to
wear them over any other type of bikini.

If you really want to wear a
thong but are still a little nervous, you can try a tankini thong
bikini which is simply a thong bikini with a sheer tankini top, this
style of thong is very sexy and also offers additional protection
from the sun. A second option is a thong bikini with ruffles.

In any case you are going to
love your new thong bikini

Tankini Thong Bikini Swimdress Thong Bikini Ruffle Thong Bikini
Tankini Thong Bikini Swimdress Thong Bikini Ruffled Thong Bikini

Thong Bikini Sizing

Typically Thong Bikinis are
sized the same as a string bikini, so whatever size of string bikini
or underwear you wear, it will be the same. We have included a
sizing chart below to enable you to take exact measurements to
compare to the chart if you are not sure.

Choosing the Right Thong Bikini For Your
Body Type.

You will be hard pressed to find any detail on
choosing the right style of thong bikini for a body type and there
is a good reason for that. For the most part a thong bikini looks
great on almost everyone.

There are a few basic rules that you may choose
to follow but really it is up to your personal taste.

G strings are G strings, you simply slide it on
and it is what it is, you will look amazing as long as you choose
the right size.

The same goes for thong bikinis with one
exception. Because the thong bikini typically has a waist band,
depending on the look you want, you can either get a slenderizing
effect or widening effect. The choice is yours, wear the band higher
on your hips for a slenderizing leaner look, or lower for a wide


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