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Tropical Beach Swimwear and Fashion Girls just want to have FUN!…. Happy Suits for HAPPY People

Whether Tropical Beach Fashion girls are working at the office or away on a photo Girls Just Want To Have Fun Bikini Swimwearshoot,they ALWAYS manage to find time for some fun! But don’t mistake our fun with being lazy. Tropical Beach Fashion girls are some of the hardest working women you will ever meet. Whether it is in our San Francisco, CA Headquarters or out on the beaches of exotic locations, we always like to mix some down time into our busy schedules! Why is this so important to us? Because we are not only great friends, but we like to consider ourselves more like family. In the end, although we may just all be staff, Tropical Beach Fashion gives us the chance to build lifelong friendships and bonds that will never be broken. You will often hear people talk about how great it is to be a part of the Tropical Beach Fashion Family. And that’s because we strive to make that an important part of our company. We not only make all of our swimwear right here in the USA, but we take pride in so many other things…and having fun is one of them! So, if you happen to see one of our photo shoots while vacationing on a beach somewhere, we guarantee our girls will be laughing and will most likely say “hi” as they walk by in between shooting our swimwear. Or, if you happen to come by and visit us in our California Showroom, you will be able to see all the happy faces behind our daily operations! Who said work couldn’t be fun? We wouldn’t be able to produce happy swimwear for happy people if we ourselves weren’t anything but happy! So take our advice and add as much laughter to your life as possible and have fun! We’d love to see you wearing Tropical Beach Swimwear and Fashion this summer so visit us at and smile!


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Girls Just Want To Have Fun

Tropical Beach Fashions Company Review

Tropical Beach Fashions Company Review

Tropical Beach Fashions has been in business since 1984. They are considered one of the forefathers in online Tropical Beach Fashions online store – company review www.tropicalbeachfashions.comswimwear sales. All of their swimwear is handmade in the US out of a beautiful facility in Southern California. We toured the facility and witnessed the care and attention to detail in their process. They have in process inspections and every swimsuit is hand inspected before it is packaged. We were very impressed with care that goes into their products.

Tropical Beach Fashions has a very impressive swimwear line. They have a wide range of bikinis, one piece swimsuits, thongs, g strings, cover ups and dresses. They carry a full range of coverage options from minimal to max coverage and sizes from petite to plus

It was interesting to browse the history of Tropical Beach Fashions. They had photos of their different manufacturing facilities they had used over the years as they grew and expanded the business.

We also had the pleasure of witnessing their customer service in action and we were quite impressed. They were pleasant and seemed to truly care about the customer experience.

During our tour of Tropical Beach Fashions, we noticed a second small room with packaged swimwear in boxes. When we asked what they were, we were pleasantly surprised to find out that these swimsuits were returns and are donated to organizations to raise funds. Their policy is that no swimsuit that is returned is ever placed back in their stock room for resale. This guarantees that you are getting a new product every time that has never been worn before. This is a key piece of information because many online stores resell their returns and as you are aware a swimsuit may be tried on many times when it is on display or on a rack in a storefront.

When we compared Tropical Beach Fashions pricing we felt that their cost structure was fair for the quality product that they are manufacturing. Arguably you can purchase swimwear at department stores cheaper, but your get what you pay for and most of this swimwear is made overseas and tends to wear quickly and the seams are not double stitched.

You can visit Tropical Beach Fashions at

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Over the course of the next 6 months we will be reviewing all of the major Online Swimsuit Stores. If you would like us to review a swimwear site or have experience with one, please feel free to send us your suggestions or experiences. All information will be kept confidential. [email protected]


Patriotic Bikinis

Patriotic Bikinis Do you approve of USA Patriotic Swimwear and Where to get it.

Patriotic Bikinis – do you approve of USA Patriotic Bikinis and Where to get them if you do.

Patriotic bikinis, patriotic swimwear


We have been asked a number of questions pertaining to Patriotic Bikinis and USA Swimwear.

  1. Is it appropriate to wear patriotic swimwear
  2. Where to get patriotic swimwear


We sent out a survey to 2000 of our followers and asked the question, is it appropriate to wear Patriotic swimwear? Patriotic Bikinis - Do you like patriotic swimwearWe had a whopping 1243 responses to the survey. Here are the results.

Out of 1243 respondents to the survey 1071 liked patriotic swimwear and thought it showed peoples unity towards their country. 67 of the respondents did not think it was appropriate and 105 were undecided.

Here are some of the comments that we received.

  • I love the colors, I think red white and blue is beautiful on bikinis and I love our flag – Tania
  • Who really cares it’s a bikini, does it really matter what color it is – Steve
  • I think the flag bikinis are sexy – Diane
  • I love my star spangled banner bikini, can’t wait until Memorial Day to wear it. I call it my celebration bikini.  We go to the shore every year on Memorial Day and have a blast – Sue
  • I don’t think women should exploit our flag – Di
  • I love the colors, I think it shows how our younger generation feels about our country, I wish everyone would wear one, can you imagine how cool that would be on a beach – Ron
  • I think they look great, my wife has two patriotic bikinis and I love them – Danny
  • Doesn’t everyone have a patriotic swimsuit? – Nina

 Patriotic Bikinis Sexy Bikinis

With that said the answer to question number two was a little more difficult, we scoured the internet to find patriotic swimwear, we found that most companies have one or two Memorial Day Bikinis but not any kind of selection. We did find a really nice section at Tropical Beach Fashions. They have a number of Fourth of July bikinis. In addition they have some really sexy one piece USA themed swimwear. You can brwose thier selction at Tropical Beach Fashions Patriotic Swimwear


We would like to thank Tropical Beach Fashions for the use of their graphics.

We would also like to thank all of our respondents, they will be receiving a free voucher for a sexy American Flag Bikini from Tropical Beach Fashions.

Please leave us a comment below and tell us what you think of USA Patriotic Swimwear


Zebra Print Bikinis

Zebra Print Bikinis

Looking for something to really stand out on the beach. The zebra print bikini will do just that. These unique animal print Zebra-Print-Bikinis-String-Bikinibikinis look stunning when contrasted with tanned skin and a seaside back drop. Available in black and white and hot pink and black, Zebra Print Bikinis are a sure winner.

Choose from our stunning collection in coverage options from minimum to full with accents included. You’re going to love how sexy you look in on of our Zebra print Bikinis.

Isn’t it time you let your wild side out, take a slight step on the wild side, show off you individualism. Check out our stunning collection of Zebra Print Bikinis Today

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