Swim Lingerie

Swim Lingerie

Swim Lingerie – Imagine the look on your partners face when you stroll out to the pool or hot tub for a romantic evening in one of our designer swim lingerie fashions. He won’t be able to take his eyes off you as you strut your stuff across the patio cocktail in hand showing off you stunning curves and best assets.

swim lingerie

Maybe you are planning an evening drink by the resort pool, imagine the feeling as your saunter out to the poolside looking simply fabulous in your new swim lingerie from Tropical Beach Fashions.

Show a little or a lot with a hint of lace, sheer fabric or a combination of the two. Accessorize your new swim lingerie with a full length sarong and you are set to go. Start the evening in your swim lingerie and sarong combination then slip off the sarong as you glide into the hot tub.

You are about to write a new chapter in the book of love as you glaze into each other’s eyes, you will feel nothing short of stunning and he will look upon you like a goddess, the most beautiful women on the planet. Don’t miss this opportunity to make a memorable evening for the two of you in one of our incredibly beautiful swim lingerie fashions.

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Swim Lingerie



Swimgerie – Turn up the heat in a stunning combination of swimwear and lingerie called Swimgerie. Perfect for a quiet night with a loved one around the pool or hot tub or really turn some heads in the evening around the pool at your favorite resort. All of our swimgerie is manufactured from the finest of fabrics.

Show a little, show a lot, whatever you desire.  We guarantee your partner is going to be in ah when you stroll out strutting your stuff in one of our sexy swimgerie designs. There is nothing sexier than a little coverage and some lace and sheer fabric to add to the moment.


Feel completely comfortable sipping a cocktail making small talk, than slipping into the hot tub or pool for an evening of romance and fun. Our sexy swimgerie designs will have you in control and looking simply fabulous.

Choose from our wide selection of swimgerie designs including thong, g string, sheer, one piece and tankinis. We have beautiful thong bikini bottoms with sexy sheer babydoll style tops and so much more.

Do you want to feel sexy, do you want to give that special someone a night to remember, slip into one of our combination swimwear lingerie styles and the rest is history. You will write a new chapter in the book of love when you are wearing one of our incredibly sexy swimgerie fashions. In addition all of our swimgerie designs come in sizes from petite to plus, we feel confident we have the perfect fit for you.

So don’t wait, shop online and set the stage for that perfect romantic evening. Show off your best assets in one of our sexy alluring swimgerie designs. You will look breathtaking as you sit and sip a cocktail wearing on of Tropical Beach Fashions sexy swimgerie fashions.

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Swim Dress – Seabreeze Swim Dress

Swim Dress – Seabreeze Swim Dress

Swim Dress – This Seabreeze Swim Dress is the perfect solution to an elegant swimsuit. Just the right amount of Swim Dress Seabreezecoverage for those a little more conservative. This glittery, lightweight polyester sparkle fabric paired with our sky blue matte is a gorgeous combination.  Take a stroll in the sand with your hair blowing in the wind then grab a cocktail and get some much needed rest and relaxation.  Paired with a full coverage bottom, you can feel super comfortable at the beach or walking down the boardwalk window shopping.  Dress it up with some accessories and you will look oh so high fashion! Works great for maternity too!  The possibilities are endless.


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Swimdresses – Get sun protection and look super sexy at the same time

Swimdresses FeatureSwimdressesYour on vacation, its 3:00 in the afternoon and you have had enough sun, but you still want to hang out by the pool, wade around, have drinks and look absolutely stunning. What do you do?

The simple answer is the swimdress.  These supper slimming sexy swimdresses are the rage at resorts and on cruises. They allow you to get protection from the sun yet allow you to play around in the pool and not ruin your day.

Superbly sexy, these fitted swimdresses will hug your curves and make you the talk of the town.

When we say sexy, we mean sexy.  These tight fitting swimdresses offer built in supportive tops to give you that super sexy bust line and hug your curves with perfection.

Choose from a lined or non-lined swimdress, this incredibly sexy swimsuit doubles as a dress for dancing in the evening on your exclusive vacation.

No travel wardrobe is complete without one of these super sexy form fitting sundresses.

Slide into one of our swimdresses and you are ready for anything and everything


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Browse our Sexy Swimdresses Now