Cute Bathing Suits

Cute Bathing Suits

Cute Bathing SuitsCute Bathing Suits – We carry a full line of the sexiest cute bathing suits. With a full selection of cute bikinis, one piece swimsuits, tankinis and more, rest assured we will have the perfect bathing suit for you. Get ready for that planned vacation, day at the beach or weekend at the cottage with friends wearing a stunning cute bathing suit from Tropical Beach Fashion.

Choose from the latest prints, solids and patterns in styles from high thigh, low cut, full, moderate or minimal coverage. We carry a full spectrum of styles from the cutest vintage bathing suits to the latest hot tiny bikini fashions.

Looking for support, we have cute bathing suits offering underwire, support panel and slimming patterns.

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Sheer See Through Swimwear

Sheer See Through Swimwear

Have you ever been on a beach and seen a women walk by in this stunning bikini or one piece swimsuit, you think you can see right through it but are not really sure. This is sheer swimwear..

sheer swimwear sheer bikinisSheer or See Thru swimsuits are made of a sheer material that hugs the figure. These suits come in different levels of transparency. For the most part the front area of the bottom has a second sheer lining but the rest of the suit is made of one layer of material.

When the suit is dry, it is slightly see through but leaves a lot to the imagination. When they are wet, they become translucent.

So for example you are wearing a sheer one piece swimsuit, for the most part it is sexy, clings and allows your figure to be seen in a new fashionable view. When the suit is wet, the fiber becomes molded with your skin giving a new dimension to its appearance. As you move the suit will cling to different areas of your body allowing the see through effect.

Why the sudden interest in see through swimsuits and bikinis. Well let’s see, thong sales have gone through the roof, many manufactures cannot keep them in stock. As thong popularity has grown so has the need for a different approach to that hot sexy look on the beach.

Keep in mind leaving something to the imagination creates mystery and an alluring attraction. This is why the sheer or see through swimsuit have grown so quickly in popularity.

As long as the suit is dry, it is slightly see through but for the most part makes the human eye work to decipher what it is seeing, this is what causes the alluring effect.

See Thru Swimsuits come in many styles and levels of transparency.

Sheer- These suits are sheer but are for the most part clingy and sexy, when they are wet, the become slightly see through

Double Dip- The double dip suit is similar to the sheer suit except it is more transparent when it is wet.

Gauze or simple See Thru suits are the most transparent. They give the sheer effect at all time and when wet are completely see through.

The most popular is the simply sheer and double dip suits. These suits have the lowest level of transparency and are border line see through. They allow enough transparency to drive the imagination wild yet keep things under cover until you decide to go for a dip.

The last reason why the sheer swimsuit has become so popular is comfort. The material is non-restrictive and feels like you are wearing nothing at all.

Want to feel that sexy mysterious feeling that attracts attention everywhere hang up the thong bikini and try a sheer one piece or bikini. You will feel secure yet drive them crazy on the beach.

Since 1984 Tropical Beach Swimwear & Fashion has been dedicated to giving the highest quality product at the most competitive cost. Whether you are preparing for a much needed, long awaited tropical vacation, planning for a week at the cottage, or relaxing around the pool at home with friends and family we have what you need.

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