Slimming Swimwear

Slimming Swimwear

Slimming Swimwear – The topic Slimming Swimwear has been debated amongst designers for years. It’s a topic that is Slimming Swimwearalways on the mind of both lead designers and consumers.

It’s really not a complicated topic; it’s more about understanding your body type and having the knowledge of what swimwear designs are on the market that either offer visual slimming effects or control, sculpting effects.

This article is a no nonsense attempt to simplify and educate the consumer about slimming swimwear and what they can expect from the basic designs.

At this point we need to clarify that it is not about the bikini size. The size 4 or (XS) on the right physique will look just a beautiful as an XXL on the right physique, it’s all about proportion and balance. The idea is to choose a style of swimwear that will balance out your body and bring it closer to the hourglass figure. For this discussion we are going to use four categories.



Body Types Slimming Swimwear

  • Apple – the apple shape is more of a round type torso and is requires the torso to appear elongated.
  • Pear – The pear shape requires the bust to appear larger while the hips need to appear smaller.
  • Hourglass – The hourglass figure is the easiest to fit however there are suits that do not suit the hourglass figure.
  • Rectangle – The rectangle has three options. You can either give the appearance of a larger hip area and bust or you can give the appearance of a slimmer waist line or a combination of the two.

Slimming Swimwear – Bikinis

To begin, were going to take a look at bikinis and take a close look at the options that are available and discuss exactly what you can reasonably expect from the style in question.

Shaping Bikinis – slimming swimwear

The typical Shaping bikini is designed to give you a slimmer appearance. It does not have control panels and it does Shaping Bikinis Slimming Swimwearnot alter your physique however what will do is give the appearance of s a smoother, slimmer torso. This style of bikini bottom will reduce the appearance of wider hips and a bit of extra tummy weight.

The shaping bikini achieves this with its typical “V” style front leading up into the medium height band. The thighs are of a medium cut which further gives the appearance of slimmer hips. This style of bikini is excellent for the Apple and Pear body types.

  • Apple – This style of bikini bottom will work well on this body type if you combine it will a sport, halter or tankini top
  • Pear – The shaping bikini works very well on the pear type figure; it will smooth your hips and give the appearance of a slimmer bottom. If you combine this style of bikini bottom, with for example a ruffled, padded or underwire bikini top, you will achieve a great look that you will be extremely pleased with
  • Hourglass – No recommended
  • Rectangle – Not recommended

Minimizing Bikini Bottoms – slimming swimwear

The minimizing bikini bottom offers full coverage, some tummy control and a general slimming effect on the waist line. Minimizer Bikinis Slimming SwimwearThis full coverage bottom offers a degree of sculpting and control also not found in the shaping bikinis. . These bikini bottoms are great for a torso with a little tummy bulge or for a hip area that needs smoothing. Typically this bikini bottom works on almost every body type

  • Pear – For the pear body type, this bikini will smooth your hip area and give a level of control not found in the shaping bikini styles.
  • Hourglass – Can work well on the hourglass figure if balanced with halter or sport top, also works with an underwire. If you already have an hourglass figure, you don’t want to increase or decrease the appearance of your bust.
  • Rectangle – Works well on the rectangle figure as it will give a slimming effect to the waist, if you add a padded top or underwire top, you will have an excellent combination.
  • Apple – Can work on the apple figure. It will slim your waist, if you combine it with a padded, gel or ruffled bikini top you will be pleased.

Banded Bikini Bottoms – slimming swimwear

The banded bikini is another style of slimming swimwear; it typically will have a slight slimming effect on the hip area Slimming Swimwear Banded Bikinisand will add support and coverage in the tummy area. The banded bikini comes in a full range of rear coverage options, so be sure to get a bikini with the desired coverage.

  • Pear – The banded bikini is an ok option for the pear figure, it typically does not offer as much slimming and trimming on the hip area but does offer support in the tummy area.
  • Hourglass – The banded bikini works well on the hourglass figure, it will give a nice balance especially if you are of the curvaceous type figure.
  • Rectangle – For the rectangular figure, it can work well as it does slim the tummy slightly, a string bikini top would work well in this case.
  • Apple – Can work on the apple figure because of the typically higher waist band if it is balanced with padded or underwire top. For the apple type figure, keep the colors and patterns the same on the top and bottom.

Skirted Bikinis – slimming swimwear

The skirted bikini is al all around favorite for the more conservative woman. It gives excellent full coverage, incredible Skirted Slimming Swimwearslimming effects and is extremely comfortable. The skirted bikini can have built in control panels that are completely hidden from view and come in a variety of lengths. In any case for the woman that wants full coverage the skirted bikini works on all body types and is versatile in the sense that you can wear it not only on the beach but works well as a skirt for strolling around your favorite Caribbean town on a hot day

  • Pear – Excellent choice especially when paired with a top that balances out the bust area to the hip area.
  • Hourglass – Will works well and is easily matched with a top preferably of the same color or pattern
  • Rectangle – Great choice, if you choose the right skirt it will give you a fuller effect in your hips and easily allow you to balance out your bust with a fuller type top
  • Apple – Will work well especially when paired with a shirred tankini top.

Vintage Bikinis – slimming swimwear

Vintage bikinis are back in style and offer a great deal too any figure type. The vintage style bikini bottom offers full Vintage Slimming Swimwearcoverage, low cut thighs and a high waist. This bikini style works again on all body types. It offers a degree of sculpting, and a great deal of cosmetic slimming. The vintage bikini is always a good choice when you are looking for slimming swimwear that will offer both hip reduction and tummy reduction.

  • Pear – Excellent choice will control the hip area and slim the tummy if necessary.
  • Hourglass – The vintage bikini bottom was originally famous on the curvaceous hour glass figure.
  • Rectangle – For the rectangle figure, the vintage bikini is an excellent option, it will have a curving effect to the hip area and add dimension to your typically square hip area. The one advantage to the rectangular body type and the hour glass figure is that the typical vintage bikini top will work well with the bottom.
  • Apple – An excellent choice as it will slim both the hip and tummy area, you may want to choose a top that will add some depth to your bust area to balance out the suit for example an underwire, push up or ruffled top.

Slider Bikini – slimming swimwear

The slider bikini is a unique bikini because it has hidden sliding panels on each hip. This allows the bikini bottom to be Slider Bikinis Slimming Swimwearadjusted accordingly to your personal taste; you can show your full hip area by pulling in the sliding panels or cover your hip area by simply pulling out the panels. It’s a great combination bikini bottom for all body types. The slider bikini is a perfect match with a halter style bikini top, but again be careful you may want to mix and match to achieve the proper balance

  • Pear –Perfect choice, we recommend that you leave the panels at the mid-range so as not to cover too much but not expose too much at the same time, the halter top will work in your case but you may choose an underwire or ruffled top, a bandeau bikini top may be an option also.
  • Hourglass – Great choice, pull the side panels in tight for full exposure and go with the halter top, it will look amazing
  • Rectangle – Excellent choice, pull in the panels so they are as small as possible to give the appearance of a full hip area and balance out with a padded top
  • Apple – Perfect choice, put on your bikini top and bottom and stand in front of a mirror, adjust the side panels until you get the desired look, you may want to ask a friend for a second opinion.

Swimdress – slimming swimwear

At this point were going to switch gears and introduce you to the swimdress, the swimdress disappeared for years Swimdress Slimming Swimwear Swim Dressbecause of it inherent nature to be long, bulky and unflattering. But in the past 10 years, the swimdress has come back in full force in new designs, colors and patterns. The swimdress is now a sexy option for women that are looking for coverage, comfort and control. Many swimdresses are designed with control panels to not only give a cosmetic slimming smoothing effect, but they also actually control and shape your body comfortably.

  • Pear – Excellent choice. Works well for coverage, try and choose a swimdress with a built in bra to add some uplift and help balance your top to the bottom.
  • Hourglass – Great option, the swimdress will give you a great deal of confidence and comfort.
  • Rectangle – Excellent choice. The swimdress will look amazing. Try and get a swimdress with a bit of flair at the bottom and support in the top.
  • Apple – It’s perfect, similar to the rectangular figure, attempt get a swimdress that slightly flairs at the bottom and has built in support in the top.

Tankinis – slimming swimwear

Tankinis work on all body types and are have become extremely popular. When it comes to tankini bikinis, the slimming Tankinis Slimming Swimwearswimwear industry has stepped up the challenge with new and inevitable options. Take for instance the control type tankinis that offer sculpting panels to pull in your hip area and slim your tummy. Many tankinis actually have a second or control lining that is hidden by the outer shell. This lining not only adds comfort, but will smooth your torso and hold things in place so you will look amazing. The tankini bikini suits all body types

  • Pear – Works great, try and choose a tankini with a built in bra to balance the top to your hip area.
  • Hourglass – Looks great, try a shirred tankini top for a bit if flair and fun.
  • Rectangle – Excellent choice. The tankini top will some depth and really bring out your bust. In this case your options for the bikini bottom are open to your comfort level.
  • Apple – The tankini bikini works great for the apple figure, it will elongate the body depending on the style that you choose, a higher waistband on your bikini bottom may give added confidence and comfort.

Slimming Swimwear – One Piece Swimsuits

The one piece swimsuit is slightly different than the bikini. The one piece swimsuit has the option of concealing many hidden panels, plus can use pattern and design in a more efficient manner to achieve the desired slimming effect. Remember slimming swimwear achieves its goal using two techniques. Cosmetic, by color and design and physical by cut and the use of strategically placed control panels.

Body Shaping One Piece Swimsuits

Using a combination of control panels and long vertical lines, these slenderizing swimsuits offer a great deal of the Body Shaping Slimming Swimwearwoman in search of slimming swimwear. For the woman that is looking for a slimmer appearance, the higher the cut on a one piece, the slimmer your hips will look, add a sash to the waistline and you have a perfect combination.

  • Pear – Choose a swimsuit with slightly higher thigh openings avoid the sash, choose a swimsuit with support in the top to balance out the hip area.
  • Hourglass – Looks great, choose a mid-level hip opening and the top style is up to your personal preference.
  • Rectangle – Will work perfect, go with a lower cut thigh opening use the sash effect to give the appearance of a waistline. Choose a swimsuit with a top that will accentuate your bust and you will have a stunning match.
  • Apple – Not recommended
  • Mid-Section shirred Swimsuits

Shirred One Piece Swimsuits – slimming swimwear

These suits are an excellent choice for all but are especially effective for the apple type figure. The top and bottom Mid Section Shirred One Piece Slimming Swimweardesign will pull attention away from the mid-section and draw attention to your hips and bust. The mid-section shirring will slim down your torso for a perfect look.

  • Pear – Not recommended.
  • Hourglass – Might work but really not recommended.
  • Rectangle – Not recommended.
  • Apple – The perfect swimsuit for the apple figure, this style of swimsuit will draw attention away from your mid-section and more to your hips and bust, the shirring will reduce the appearance of your mid-section and will not only feel comfortable but will give you a great deal of confidence.

Full Figure Swimsuits – slimming swimwear

The full figure swimsuit is an excellent choice all around, it is designed to slight sculpt the body and in many cases Full Figure One Piece Swimwear Slimming Swimwearoffers some adjustment not normally found on other swimsuit designs.

  • Pear – Works well, you will feel slim and trim
  • Hourglass – Great choice especially for the more conservative woman
  • Rectangle – Excellent choice, you may have to get a long torso swimsuit but it will look great
  • Apple – Perfect on all accounts, this swimsuit will give you confidence and comfort, plus the added style will make you feel very sexy.

High Thigh Swimsuits – slimming swimwear

High thigh swimsuits are generally thought of to offer a great deal of cosmetic slimming however this does have its High Thigh One Piece Slimming Swimweardraw backs. For example, if you have a wide abdomen and wide hips, the high thigh swimsuit may not give you the desired coverage in the front area. Now with this said, if it is your thigh area that is giving you the widened hip affect than the high thigh swimsuit is perfect.

  • Pear – Can look very sexy as long as it is your thighs that are causing the pear effect, if it is a wide abdomen, we do not recommend the high thigh swimsuit as the frontal coverage will be minimal and some woman are not comfortable with this effect,
  • Hourglass – Works well, nice balance
  • Rectangle – Great option if you go with a plunging neckline to create balance
  • Apple  -Depending on the your size the high thigh swimsuit may be the answer to your dreams, but be careful, you may get the opposite effect to the pear body shape and leave to much hip area exposed. We recommend a higher thigh opening but keep it to the mid-level and again use a plunging neckline or built in bra.

Conclusion – This article is intended as a no nonsense guide to purchasing slimming swimwear.  Keep in mind we have generalized the body styles into four categories. You will have to carefully analyze your body type and may have to combine some of the techniques above to get the desired appearance.

It may be helpful to ask a friend to give you a second opinion on your body type; in many cases what we think we see in the mirror is not what others see.

Final Tips on Slimming Swimwear

A tanned body always looks better in a swimsuit than a non-tanned body, tanning will cover some of those in perfections that we all have on our skin and give a slimming healthy effect. As with being white can highlight imperfections, so can over tanning. Over tanning will darken imperfections and highlight problem areas. We recommend spray tanning or lotion tanning to darken your skin and use a high level moisturizing sun screen when on the beach to avoid skin damage.

Drink plenty of water bottled water when on vacation and in the sun. It will keep your body hydrated and your skin healthy.

Finally get your husbands, boyfriends or best friends opinion on your body type and what would look good on you.

 Armed with this information you can now choose the perfect slimming swimwear design and get out there and look amazing in the beautiful summer sun

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Shaping One Piece Swimsuits

Shaping One Piece Swimsuits – The New Yorker One Piece

Shaping One Piece Swimsuits – Are you ready for a weekend in the Big City, or how about just look like you are ready Shaping One Piece Swimsuitsto take on the fashion world while strutting your stuff on the beach!  . Then you’re going to want one of our glamorous shaping one piece swimsuits.  The New Yorker Shaping one piece swimsuit is perfect for the occasion.

Any and every body shape looks amazing in this exciting low cut shaper style swimsuit. The rich color combination, white and black is is a very classy and rich combination.

When your wearing one of our shaping one piece swimsuits, your going to look long and lean. The New Yorker figure shaper is going to have you looking slim and trim with its shaping style and panels. It is going to trim your waistline and give you that dynamite hourglass figure.

The New Yorker Shaping One Piece Swimsuit features, a square neckline with spaghetti straps. The built in shelf bra will give you hidden support. This fully lined shaping one piece has a scoop back with low cut legs, perfect for a weekend in the glamourious big city.

Sizes: 4,6,8,10,12,14,16,18

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Shaping One Piece Swimsuits

Slimming Sport Bikini

Slimming Sport Bikini – The Perfect Slimsuit

Slimming Sport Bikinis – The ultimate slimming sport bikini.  This is the perfect bikini to start your day in a hot yoga Slimming Sport Bikini Featureclass, have a quick swim, join a volleyball game then relax in the sun for a while. This is the go anywhere do anything bikini while looking super sexy.

You’re going to love the way your body looks in this full coverage slimsuit. This super slimming sport bikini has a full halter top that goes over your shoulders and ties at your back for a perfect fit every time. The sporty banded bikini bottoms have an adjustable slide to make the shorts as long or as short as you like.

This super slimming sport bikini is going to have you looking so sexy, yet feeling covered to the desired level. Get ready for any and all activities that you want to join.

The Slimming Sport Bikini Halter Top features removable padding with full lining. The cross back feature keeps things securely in place while the tie back gives you freedom to adjust for comfort.

Available in sizes: S (A-B), M (B-C), L (C), LL (D), 1X (DD), 2X (DDD)

The Slimming Sport Bikini Bottom has adjustable sliders to adjust the length of the shorts. They will sit comfortably at waist level with a full coverage behind.  Fully lined you’re going to look and feel so sexy at the beach, by the pool or sipping a cocktail by the bar.

Sizes: S (2-4), M (6-8), L (8-10), LL (12-14), 1X (14-16), 2X

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White One Piece Swimsuit

White One Piece Swimsuit – The Slimming Blanco Zip 1-PC

White One Piece Swimsuit – Sporty yet super sexy, this white one piece swimsuit is going have you looking fabulous. White One Piece Swimsuit FeatureThis sexy suit is a must have for all swimwear collections. The zipper front leaves the options wide open leave it up for a more conservative look or unzip it as your mood changes. This suit is perfect for relaxing on the beach, lounging poolside, having drinks by the bar or swimming laps. The possibilities are endless.

This super sexy, super slimming white one piece swimsuit features a sexy zipper front with a halter neck tie. The beautiful scoop back is accented with the slimming high cut thighs. No worry wearing this swimsuit when wet as it has a full lining for your piece of mind.

Offed in sizes: 6,8,10,12,14,16,18

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