Micro String Thongs

Micro String Thongs

Micro String Thongs – The tiniest of all bikinis, the micro string thong is the elite of the elite bikinis. Always noticed, Micro String Thongs Bikinisalways talked about, always sexy.

Women that wear micro string thongs must have a great deal of confidence but there is nothing more liberating than strutting your stuff in a micro string thong.

Our Micro String Thongs come with a teeny triangle top and tiny g string bottom or you can mix and match. These suits are the perfect combination for sun bathing, showing off your curves or parting at the beach during happy hour.

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American Flag Bikinis

American Flag Bikinis

American Flag Bikinis – Show your patriotism for your country in one of our sexy American Flag Bikinis, thongs, tangas American Flag Bikinisor one piece swimsuits.

Show off how proud you are to be American in red white and blue, stars and stripes, star spangled banners.

Our USA flag swimwear is super sexy, made from the finest fabrics so it will last for years. For this fourth of July, show off your true colors in one of our American Flag bikinis.

Independence day will have a whole new meaning and fond memories in one of our stunning star spangled banner bikinis or one piece swimsuits

Our American flag bikinis, thongs, tangas and one piece swimsuits are manufactured here in our Southern California USA facility so you are shopping at home too.

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Thongs For Women

Thongs For Women

Thongs For Women – The most desired bikini on the beach, the thong bikini. Thongs for women have grown Thongs For Womenin popularity over the last 10 years at an incredible pace. Mainly because of the freedom of movement, the stunning beauty and most important the empowering inner feeling a woman feels when she wears one.  Thongs for women are one of the greatest fashion breakthroughs since the string bikini in the 60’s. The same feeling of individuality felt back then can again be experienced simply by sliding on a beautiful thong bikini.

Most women that wear a thong bikini are outgoing and radiate an image of self-confidence. If you have never worn a thong bikini on the beach, you should experience the feeling of independence. Many women, who say they were nervous to wear one the first time, will tell you it is a freeing experience.

Every woman should have the opportunity to embrace the liberating feeling of wearing a thong bikini.

Our thong bikinis are manufactured from the finest fabrics here in the US at our Southern California facility. You can rest assured that our thongs for women are of the highest quality and will last for years


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Thongs For Women

Metallic Bikinis

Metallic Bikinis

Metallic Bikinis – Looking for something really hot, want to stand out in the crowd, Check out our line of metallic bikinis. Metallic BikinisMetallics have become the beach rage with the celebrities this year so if you want to really stand out, the metallic bikini line is for you. Choose from a wide array of colors and patterns in designs from thong metallic bikinis to full coverage metallic bikinis and everything in between.

So come on in and check out the latest beach rage and browse

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