Plus Size Swimwear

Plus Size Swimwear

Plus Size Swimwear – Browse our incredible selection of plus size bikinis and one piece swimsuits. Our swimwear line is stunning, elegant and super sexy.

Choose from our one piece swimsuits offering body control with slimming patterns, colors and designs to minimum to moderate coverage bikinis with underwire options, shelf bras, tummy control and more.

Plus size sport bikinis offer an added level of support for the active women who wants to participate in beach sports.

As you browse our inventory keep in mind that all of our swimwear is offered in a plus size.

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Plus Size Swimwear


Fabulous and Flirty Women’s Swimwear

Fabulous and Flirty Women’s Swimwear

Sexy Plus Size Bikinis and Swimsuit to accent your curves

Accent your beautiful curves

It’s that time of year again when thousands of beach seeking sun loving people start to plan their trips south with the promise of hot sun sandy beaches, blue skies and crystal clear water. With this comes the endless struggle for women who are afraid to strip down to a tiny bikini and enjoy the fun and instead sit on the side lines and miss out. You have seem them, they are the beautiful curvy women sitting around the pool sipping cocktails coved up in hats and caftans or wearing shorts and loose fitting tee shirts. Those days are long gone or should be with the latest stunning women’s swimwear available today.
This year has brought in hundreds of new styles, cuts and fabrics that offer slenderizing effects, control, real control, in all sizes. The swimwear industry has put a huge focus on the plus size figure. The fashion industry has changed. The women walking the catwalks are now larger, curvy and sexier than ever, the days of skinny, scrawny women showing off our beach fashions are slowly fading and a new generation of sexy curvy models are quickly taking over the spotlight. The women’s swimwear designers and retailers have finally got the point.

Classic Bikini with underwire

This is a classic bikini with supporting underwire top

The Classic Bikini – Typically the plus size bikini has been a dark solid color with no style other than coverage. Today the classic bikini has long smooth cut lines, vibrant colors, and control options that will smooth, elongate and mold your figure. It’s all about the look that you want. To prevent muffin top, look for the mid to high waist styles, these styles use to be straight cut, but todays mid to high waist bikinis also offer high cut

thighs to elongate your torso and give a smoothing, slimming effect. For a top, choose a stunning tankini top or a full coverage halter banded bikini top. Underwire bikini tops and molded tops are also a big seller as they will accent your curves and keep everything in place. Most string bikinis are now designed and sized for the  curvaceous figure

Control and confort

Stunning control one piece swimsuits

One-Piece Swimsuits – Super sexy, practical and offer a wide range of coverage options and styles. One-piece swimsuits are often the considered the basic requirement for many women. But wait a minute, stop and take a second look, the styles available for larger women are nothing short of magnificent. From the vintage styles which have exploded over the past 5 years to the latest control fabrics and configurations, the one piece swimsuit is now a fashion statement all in its own. You can choose from body controlling and contouring materials, designer waist lines, full support cups and hidden control panels, your options are endless. Get in the groove with an exciting, vivacious one piece swimsuit.

Booty Short or Boy Short Bikinis

Sexy Boy Short Bikinis

Booty short and boy short bikinis – sometimes called sport bikinis are one of my favorites for the larger women. Often overlooked as an option, these suits are incredibly sexy, offer a great deal of coverage and have a remarkable slimming effect on all figures. Choose from a low waist, or high waist style, and accent it with either a tankini or banded halter bikini top and you are set for a head turning fun day on the beach.
Curves are in. Enjoy the moment, flaunt your beauty and most of all have fun.
Take the plunge and watch your partners jaw drop as you walk onto the beach with your new vibrant, fun and exciting swimsuit, bikini or tankini

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Plus Size Bikinis

Plus Size Bikinis

So what is a plus size bikini, from our stand point there is no such thing and that’s a good thing for today’s women. Take for example Kate Upton. Kate is 5’11 with 36-25-34 measurements and is not a small girl by any means but she has over 430,000 followers on twitter. Kate has graced the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimwear Edition for 2012 and just took the front cover of Vogue.  Not bad for a girl that experts estimate runs between 148 to 158 pounds.

What about Brooklyn Decker, Brooklyn is another absolutely stunning swimwear model. She is 5’6, measuring 34C-25-34 and weighs between 125 and 130 pounds. We don’t see

Brooklyn starving herself either.

These women are on the covers of the biggest most popular magazines, not on the cover of self-serving catalogs.

For those women that don’t mind us mentioning this, men are buying these magazines because these women are absolutely stunning. These are large healthy women showing off there figures, they are not skinny unhealthy women that have starved themselves, these are real women with real bodies.

We could go on and on with a list of stunning bikini models that could be considered in the plus size category.  The world is tired of seeing women who have hopelessly skinny figures acquired by starving themselves walking down runways in bikinis showing off there twiggy legs and rib cages by companies that for the sake of this article will go unmentioned and setting unrealistic unattainable and for the most part un attractive figures.

The one key thing that women need to understand is that size is not the issue; it’s simply taking care of yourself, eating healthy “not starving” and regular exercise.

To get back to the original point of this article, it’s not about buying a plus size bikini or swimsuit; it is simply about buying the right bikini or swimsuit to match your figure. There is no reason why a woman that weighs 150 or 160 pounds plus cannot wear a bikini.

So we are going to list a few key points on purchasing bikinis for larger women and we are not going to mention bikini size because there is no need.

1)      Your goal is balance, if you want your bikini to look good; you want to balance out your figure and don’t think for a minute when sports illustrated designers are choosing a bikini

for Kate Upton that this is not the foremost thing on their mind. If you have a larger bust than hip area, you want to choose a bikini top that will slenderise your bust line but choose a bikini bottom that will give the appearance of a wider hip area. No matter what decade it is, it has always been about the hour glass figure and balance, not about size.

2)      If you are short and thick, your perfect choice is a high thigh type bikini. This bikini bottom will elongate your torso giving a slimmer smoother appearance. Balancing things out is the key.

3)      If your hips are larger than your bust, choose a high thigh Brazilian style bottom and an underwire or ruffled top to add size to you top, again it’s all about balance.

4)      So stripes, the so called experts say stay away from stripes, then why do swimwear manufactures make bikinis with stripes. The answer is simple, use stripes to your advantage. If you want to achieve a balanced look, stripes can help. If you want to widen your hip area, horizontal stripes or a bikini with a horizontal band will give you the proper effect, if you want to narrow your hip area, use vertical stripes. Use the same theory for your bust when it comes to

stripes. Plus let’s face it if stripes were out than the ever popular 4th of July Patriotic bikinis would not be worth a dime, but they sell like hot cakes.

5)      Taller women should choose bikinis that are more square in design to balance out their height to width.

We are not going to make an attempt to cover every body type, I think by this point you have got the idea. Balance, Balance, Balance – Always balance your bikini top to your bikini bottom. This theory is also applicable to one piece swimsuits, tankinis, and thongs. All of these designs come in the so called plus size, but really, there is no plus size.

Final notes: stop fretting, don’t worry, just be happy and live healthy. Apply balance to all areas of your life and you will have start having a lot more fun.

The rules above also apply to underwear and clothing also. It’s that simple.

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