Red G String Bikini

Red G String Bikini – Featured Bikini of the Day for March 18

If you are looking for a bikini that is super-hot and will attract a lot of attention Red G String Bikini Sexy Bikini Of The Day March 18then this sizzling fire red g string bikini is for you. This is the one bikini that will cause more cases of whiplash as you stroll by showing off all of your best assets. This fiery g string bikini is adjustable everywhere for a perfect fit every time.

The sizzling g string bikini top features fully adjustable triangles and ties at the back and neck. It has removable padding and is fully lined with our comfy soft fabric. Available in sizes: XS (AA-A), S (A-B), M (B-C), L (C), LL (D), 1X (DD), 2X (DDD)

The smoking hot fire red g string bottom ties on both hips with adjustable front triangle and is fully lined. Available in sizes for everyone. Sizes: (6-10), Full (12+)

Get ready to be the center of attention, command the beach and be the goddess of worship in this sizzling G string bikini


Get this sexy G string Bikini Now

Get this sexy G string Bikini Now