Imogen Thomas Bikini Pics

Imogen Thomas Bikini Pics

Imogen Thomas Looking Great in her Bikini

imogen_thomas_sheer-bikiniImogen Thomas- the 30 year old Welsh Model came to fame in 2003 winning the Miss Wales Beauty Contest. Since her eviction off of the TV show Big Brother, she has focused on her modeling career making the pages of magazines like Maxim, Zoo, FHM and the Daily Star newspaper.




What happens during a swimwear photo shoot on location

What happens during a swimwear photo shoot on location?

Swimwear Photo Shoots – Before we get into the logistics of what happens on the day of a swimwear photo shoot lets take a minute and recognize all the people that take part in creating all of the required arrangements for the shoot. Swimwear Photo ShootThere are travel and accommodation arrangements which for the most part are done in the Southern Hemisphere. In addition there are numerous volunteers that are required to help with outfit changes, props, general support etc.  Without all of the support staff and volunteers, a swimwear photo shoot would be a disaster. But of course there is all the sexy swimwear for the shoot.

Without all of these dedicated people that give their time to the cause, a quality swimwear photo shoot just could not happen.

Now on the first night, we generally have a general meeting with the staff, volunteers and of course the models. It is at this time that the schedule is finalized for location and times. Remember we are at the mercy of the weather so weather forecast plays a huge part in how the schedule will play out. Luckily in the southern continents, the weather forecast is relatively accurate so we can schedule our activities accordingly.

On the morning of the first shoot, the models will typically head for a physical work out then a light breakfast. While the models are preparing, the makeup artists are setting up their booths, and temporary wardrobe rooms are being set up.

Swimwear Photo Shoot 1Photographers are typically already on site, setting up lighting, and cameras and adjusting props.

Then as the models come in on schedule they are outfitted in the swimsuit that is required for the shoot and the makeup artists take over subtly touching things up to make everything perfect.

As the day progresses we try to get two locations in a day, plus we try and get away from the resort scene and get out to a remote beach.

In any case to get the perfect shot, a model may sit for hours waiting for sun conditions or holding a pose to get the proper breeze though her hair. The models tend to be very tired by the end of a day because they have to stay in one place and hold a pose for extended periods of time.

One of the really fun parts of location shoots is when we go into a small town and take impromptu shoots, this could involve old buildings, local people animals etc. This is when we really get a chance to meet people and laugh and enjoy their company. We have locations that we have been to numerous times and some locals remember our names and can’t wait to see us again.

It really is a warm feeling when someone we met from a previous year runs up to give us a hug and warm welcome.

At the end of the day, we will have a round table meeting and discuss what went well and what did not, so we can quickly learn from our mistakes and try to improve on the next days swimwear photo shoot. Like any other activity that requires coordination of numerous individuals, things will go wrong but for the most part, it is a lot of fun and excitement.

So there you have it. It’s a long process, sometimes the days are very long, but we do have a great deal of fun.


Jennifer Nicole Lee Sexy In Her Bikini

Jennifer Nicole Lee Bikini Body Beautiful

JENNIFER NICOLE LEE in BikinisBest-selling author, motivational mega-force, and bikini lover Jennifer Nicole Lee recently celebrated her 1,000 video on her YouTube Channel at Jennifer Nicole Lee recently inked the deal with StyleMeFit to take over her channel, which is full of fitness, fashion, and food tips to help the modern day mom and wife achieve their lifestyle dreams. JNL’s multi-media team divided up the 1,000 videos into different playlists, which are JNL Fusion, Fitness Model Factory, Fun Fit Foodie Recipes from JNL’s Cookbook, Modeling & BTS (Behind The Scenes), and also for the bikini fan JNL’s Bikini Mania Playlist.

JNL enjoys producing YouTube’s that help inspire her fitness friends and worldwide fans. “Its my goal and passion to increase the quality of everyone’s lifestyle. So if someone smiles, laughs, gets excited, or happy while viewing my vids-then I have succeeded.”

With no sign of slowing down, Jennifer Nicole Lee is now embarking on her big beauty secret, with rumor having she will be soon opening up a Beauty & Wellness Center in either Los Angeles or Miami. She is also hosting Sweat AC in Atlantic City, where one can meet their fitness idol. She is then off to Las Vegas for the world’s largest fitness expo, entitled Mr. Olympia Sept 28th-29th. JNL will then be jetting back to the other side of the US, as she hosts her JNL Worldwide produced NYC Fitness Model Factory 1 Day Mega Event in Manhattan to some very lucky hand selected applicants. Ending her tour of celebrity appearances, Jennifer Nicole Lee will be then hosting her Miami Beach Fitness Model Factory 1 Day Mega Event on South Beach on November 11, 2013. With dates already booked into the new year of 2013, JNL will be certifying women and personal trainers who have come in from around the world to Miami, Florida Jan 18-21st 2013 in her JNL Fusion Workout method.

Jennifer Nicole Lee looks stunning in her string bikinis



With so many events in her future, there is sure to be 1,000 more videos of JNL inspiring, motivating, training many to be their very best. To join the masses who have subscribed to her channel, please visit

Jennifer Nicole Lee