Diana Brazeau shares her story of losing 71 pounds in 14 months

Diana Brazeau shares her story of losing 71 pounds in 14 months

Diana Brazeau and this is my story

I read Kelly’s story about a week ago and decided to share mine.

Diana Brazeau shows off her bikini body at 121 pounds

Diana Brazeau shows off her bikini body at 121 pounds

I was the chubby kid all through my school years, I took my share of being picked on and really was never popular with the boys. I married a great guy when I was 24 and am still with him and hope I  am forever. After 10 years of marriage I had put on even more weight and finally topped 190 pounds.

My husband runs three times a week and has for years. He has no desire run a marathon, he just always said it made him feel good.

The day I stepped on the scale and weighed in at 192 pounds, I decided to do something about it. Keep in mind, I have never been into working out or dieting, I was quite content in coming home from work and curling up in front of the TV.

I did not know where to start or what to do, but I went for a walk that evening for about a mile. I was exhausted when I got home and the next morning I could hardly move. The next evening I forced myself to go again. This went on for two weeks, each night I would fill my water bottle, put on baggy clothes and go for a walk just after dark.

After two weeks , I had simply cut out my snacks and walked a mile 5 times a week.  When I stepped on the scales I was already down to 186 pounds. I was so excited, I actually felt strong for the first time in my life.

So I increased my walks to two miles and would try and jog the last quarter of a mile. Within 5 weeks I was jogging the two miles not walking and was down to 179 pounds, I had lost 13 pounds. I also felt so good inside and full of energy.

I continued to run but changed my schedule so I ran every second day as my knees were getting swollen,  I also joined the lunch hour yoga class at work and did my best to get 3 classes in a week.

I could feel my body slowly changing, my once tight and strained clothing was becoming baggy and I had to start to buy new outfits.

At 4 months in I had lost a total of 19 pounds or about 1.2 pounds a week, I never felt starved and I could feel myself getting stronger every day.

I was so high on life, my energy level was through the roof, and I felt amazing.

My next step was to join a gym, and add some weight training to my program, so now I was running 3 to 4 times a week in the morning, doing yoga 3 times a week at lunch and going to the gym on my way home 3 times a week for an hour for strictly weight training.

To make a long story short after 14 months, I weigh 122 pounds. I run into people regularly that do not recognize me.

My husband and I decided to take a trip to Mexico in Jan. of this year.

Her is my secret, I had never worn a bikini in public and I mean never. I went online and purchased two bikinis for the trip, I never told my husband. When they arrived, I tried them on and I cried, I cried like a baby. I never in all my life thought that, I of all people would ever wear a bikini in public.

Diana Brazeau with friend Sara in Mexico

Diana Brazeau with friend Sara she met in Mexico

When we got to Mexico, we went to our room and settled in, I sent my husband out to the pool bar to get us drinks and find us a couple of loungers. While he was gone, I put on one of my new bikinis, and a little sarong and sauntered out to the pool.

People were actually looking at me, when my husband saw me, all I needed was to see the reaction on his face and I started to cry again.

I am so happy and proud of myself, I feel amazing, I think I look great and my life has never been better. I know I am not a beauty queen but you know, I can turn some heads in my bikini.

If you have never been physical in your life, let me tell you, it is like being on a happy drug, it changes your whole life. The old me is gone and is never coming back.

I love life

Thanks Diana xoxo

If you have a story you would like to share please send us details and photos. [email protected]  We would love to hear from you



Leryn Franco Bikini Body Beautiful

Leryn Franco Bikini Perfect

paraguay-javelin-thrower-leryn-franco-bikini-photo1Leryn Franco – Possibly the sexiest Olympian ever in her bikinis

Leryn Franco – Bikini perfect – was born in Asunción, Paraguay, on March 1, 1982. At age 16, she broke Paraguay’s records for both the javelin and  triple jump while competing at the South American Youth Championships in  Brazil. She went on to win bronze medals at the junior championships,  and won the South American Junior Championship javelin title in 2001.

At age 26, Franco competed in the 2008 Summer Olympics, held in Beijing, China, and placed 51st with a 45.34-meter throw. In June of 2011, however, she beat her Olympic score by nearly 10 meters, throwing a personal best of 55.66 at the South American Championships in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Though Franco’s Olympic debut brought her wide acclaim, she became an international sensation in 2011, when she posed for Sports Illustrated‘s Swimsuit Edition, and what a swimsuit issue it was.

Leryn Franco not only is an Olympian Javelin thrower but she has an amazing bikini body. Her debut in Sports Illustrated in 2011 brought her instantaneous fame. Her phenomenal physical conditioning was apparent in her stunning string bikini pics.


Leryn Franco Bikini Photos

Leryn Franco Video

Leryn Franco Bikini Photos

Melissa Satta Bikini Beautiful

Melissa Satta Bikini Perfect

melissa-satta-Hot-BikiniMelissa Satta Biography

Melissa Satta was born on February 7, 1986, in Boston, Massachusetts. Her Italian parents were in the U.S. for business purposes because her dad, Enzo Satta, was working as an architect. As such, Melissa spent a lot of her early years on planes, flying back and forth between the U.S. and Sardinia.

Even with all the traveling, Melissa kept busy by being active. Her main pastimes were sports-related, as she played soccer and also studied karate, which peaked when she was a junior karate champion and finished third in the Italian championships. Melissa realized at a certain point that she wanted to model, so at 16, she thought she’d test it out in Sardinia.

Melissa Satta enters Miss Muretto

In her early days of modeling, Melissa Satta joined the Venus Goddess agency to help realize her dream. This connection led to a spot in Miss Muretto, a popular Italian string bikini beauty pageant. In 2003, Melissa almost won, coming in second. Even though she didn’t win the title, she still was awarded Miss Extreme and decided to make Milan her full-time home.

Even though modeling appeared to hold healthy prospects for Melissa, she didn’t want to abandon her education simultaneously. After graduating from high school in 2004, Melissa studied public relations at IULM. Even as things were on the rise, Melissa was determined to make sure that she wouldn’t track of her educational goals.

Melissa  Satta on the news

As Melissa Satta’s career evolved, many new opportunities came along with it. At only 19, she earned a contract with the Riccardo Gay agency, known for its premier handling of Italian models. She also took the spot of Adrianna Lima for a TIM advertisement gig. In subsequent years, she would get more advertising jobs for companies like Sweet Years and Following.

Melissa Satta also entered the world of television. Her first chance was as a ballerina on Mio fratello e pakistano (“My Brother is Pakistan”). Later in 2005, she took the job that she felt changed her life, a spot as a showgirl for the racy series Striascia la notzia (“Strip the News”). Even though she was just a desk dancer, Melissa was immediately unforgettable to Italian TV viewers, and she and her desk partner, Thais Wiggers, were quickly renewed for additional seasons.

Melissa Satta hooks up with Christian Vieri

Since Melissa Satta’s Strip the News gig, her professional stock has continued to rise, while her personal life has started to shine. Professionally, she landed a role in four episodes of the crime series Il guidice mastrangelo in 2006, and a film gig with Gerard Depardieu called Bastardi. She’s also made a minor splash in the U.S. by appearing in a Palermo segment for MTV’s Total Request Live on Tour. Finally, she appeared in the 2006 parade for Milan’s Spring/Summer 2007 Pin-Up Stars fashion show.

In terms of her personal life, Melissa Satta has also been thrust into the spotlight because of her high-profile with one of the country’s elite soccer stars, Christian Vieri. While it’s a very public relationship, due to their joint fame, Melissa and Christian appear all smiles and ready to make it last. The same can be said for Melissa’s blossoming career.

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