Jenny Mccarthy Bikini Pictures

Jenny Mccarthy Bikini Pictures

Jenny McCarthy – Born on November 1st 1972 looks absolutely amazing. Her body is toned and lean. A perfect example of what we can look forward to in our 40’s if we take care of ourselves, eat right and exercise regularly

Jenny Mccarthy Bikini Pictures

Jenny Mccarthy Bikini Pictures






Amy Willerton The Perfect Bikini Body

Amy Willerton – Could This Be the Perfect Bikini Body?

Amy Willerton – The British Bristol born beauty has rocked the world with her un-touched natural beauty.  In addition to working out, Amy Willerton is a skier, runner and surfer girl.

Feature Willerton Amy Candid Bikini shots Amy WillertonAmy Willerton also has some interests outside of modeling and TV. She spends a great deal of her time raising awareness and funds for anti-bullying awareness and charities such as The Variety Club, Beauty with a Purpose, and especially her disabled younger brother’s school, St.Christophers.

So this shockingly beautiful women of only 21 years has already taken the world by storm and continues to rock the world with her fun loving personality, beautiful warm smile and of course her incredibly good looks.

Why do we think Amy Willerton has the perfect Bikini Body?

Well take a look for yourself, these shots are NOT modeling shots, they are simply candid shots of Amy Willerton in the Caribbean on vacation. She is not touched up, and is not posing for the camera. Her perfectly toned body seems to be made for bikinis and don’t forget the Amy Willerton smile, We think in the near future you will be seeing this smile everywhere and were going to call it the Amy look.

Amy Willerton Bikini Pics

Sexiest Surfers Girls

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Check out the sexiest surfers in the world. These incredible extreme female athletes have incredibly sexy bodies

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Ronda Rousey- Dangerously Beautiful

Ronda Rousey Biography Introduction

Ronda-Rousey-OxygenRonda Rousey only had four professional MMA bouts under her belt when she took on Miesha Tate for the Strikeforce Woman’s Bantamweight Championship.  Of course, those four fights had left an impression, all ending by way of first round armbarin her favor.  But now she was taking on a champion, so things would be different, right?  Well, not really.Sure Tate fought hard; and yes, the fight nearly lasted twice as long as her four other combined bouts had.  But in the end, Tate left like all other challengers had up to that point- hurting from a first round armbar loss.Rousey is one of the true faces in female mixed martial arts.  Here is her story.

Date of Birth:

Ronda Rousey was born on February 1, 1987, in Riverside County, California.

Nickname/Training Camp/Organization:

Rousey’s nickname is “Rowdy”.  She trains with Team Hayastan and Glendale Fighting Club.  Rousey fights for the Strikeforce organization.

Early Life:

Ronda Rousey is the daughter of Ann Maria Rousey DeMars.  Her mother was the first American to win at the World Judo Championships, taking home gold in the 1984 tournament in the -56 kg class.   That said, her entrance into the world with her mother was quite difficult.  She nearly died from umbilical cord asphyxiation at birth, which apparently left side effects.  In her first official blog entryrelated to the Miesha Tate fight, Rousey indicated that she could not “speak coherently,” until the age of six as a result.“I just remember being frustrated all the time, because I knew in my head what I wanted to say, but for some reason no one could ever understand me; my words came out as gibberish.”Despite the fact that things started out tough, Rousey demonstrated athleticism as a child, competing in swimming.  Her father was reportedly her biggest cheerleader until he died when she was only eight years old.  This led to her taking up her mother’s sport, judo, in lieu of swimming.And thus, a star was born.

Training in Judo as a Youngster:

An interview by Chad Morrison at the Akari Judo Club indicates that Ronda Rousey was helped by her mother early on with judo, but still kept her distance, at least to an extent, when it came to coaching.  “My mom always volunteered to take a backseat in my training,” she said. “She taught me all she could but never insisted on being my head coach. And I’m glad she did because I really needed a Mom, someone I could cry and complain to when training was over. You have to hate you coach some days, that’s their job, and I didn’t want to hate my mother. I started working with the Pedros (Jim Sr., Jimmy) when I was 16, they kicked me out and invited me back several times between 2003-2009 when I finally quit and left on my own. I’ve had dozens of coaches help me for shorter periods during my career, including the Cohens, Numerous coaches from Nanka (SoCal), and Isreal Hernandez who traveled with me and sat in my chair from 07-08, but I had the longest relationship with the Pedros.”Rousey participated in her first judo tournament at the age of 11.

Never Say Die Attitude:

Rousey’s mother certainly worked to instill a level of toughness in her daughter. The female MMA fighter has offered several stories relating to her mother’s push to have her fight through pain and adversity.  Here’s one of them:  “I was 11 years old and I broke my big toe doing judo,” Rousey wrote. “To an 11-year-old this is a very big deal, so I stopped fighting and started to cry. My mother then made me run laps around the mat for the rest for the night. I thought she was just being cruel at the time but she told me, “Sometimes you have to fight when you’re injured. You need to know you’re capable of that.”

Judo Tournament Highlights/Olympic Medalist:

Ronda Rousey became the youngest judo player in the entire 2004 Olympic Games when she qualified for the team in 2004 at the age of 17.  During that same year, she took home gold at the 2004 World Junior Judo Championships in Budapest, Hungary.In April 2006, Rousey won gold at the Birmingham World Cup in England.  Then she became the first U.S. athlete to ever win two Junior World medals, taking home a bronze at the Junior World Championships.In 2007, she won a silver medal in the 70 kg class at the 2007 World Judo Championships, and a bronze at the 2007 Pan Am Games.The crowning achievement on her judo career came in the 2008 Olympic Games, where she won a bronze medal by defeating Annett Boehm by Yuko.

Early MMA Career/Taking the Strikeforce Bantamweight Title:

On August 6, 2010, Rousey won her first amateur MMA bout at CFL: Ground Zero by first round armbar over Hayden Munoz.  She accumulated a perfect amateur record of 3-0, with all wins coming by first round armbar, before making her professional debut on March 27, 2011, against Ediene Gomez at a King of the Cage event.  She won her debut by armbar after only 25 seconds had gone by in the first round.After accumulating two more professional victories by first round armbar, Rousey took on Miesha Tate for the Strikeforce Woman’s Bantamweight Championships.  After a lot of pre-fight chatter, the bout finally went down at Strikeforce 39 on March 3, 2012.  Though Tate fought hard, in the end she succombed to a very deep armbar in the first round.With the win, Rousey became a champion.

Some of Rousey’s Greatest MMA Wins:

  • Rousey defeats Miesha Tate by first round armbar at Strikeforce 39:For the first time in her MMA career, Rousey fought a woman that took her deep into round one.  But in the end, the majority of the fight found Tate defending armbar attempts on the ground.  Eventually, she was unable to escape.  With this win, Rousey silenced many of her critics.
  • Rousey defeats Ediene Gomes by first round armbar at King of the Cage: Someone’s first professional MMA fight always matters.  In Rousey’s case, she won by armbar after only 25 seconds had gone by in round one.