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Tanning – It’s impossible to separate swimwear from sunshine, so you need to learn some sun-sense. And you can’t begin too young. Many girls living in the sunshine belts are getting serious forms of skin cancer in their teen years.


Protect Yourself when Sun Tanning

There are many reasons skin cancers are on the rise. One is that skin cancer has only become epidemic in the past thirty years, so preventative science is just catching up. The deterioration of conditions in our atmosphere allows more damaging rays to reach the earth’s surface, and our skin. Tanning beds have become more popular than ever, while new evidence indicates the beds may be worse for your skin than natural sun.

Along with skin cancer, indoor sun bathing is commonly believed to cause premature skin aging. A study conducted at Heinrich Heine University in Germany found that sun bathing or tanning bed users had a 2.6 to 3.6 percent increase in an aging related mutation in their skin after just three months than non users. Surprisingly, the study saw the greatest damage in the youngest users.

It has long been believed that heavy exposure to the sun in your teen years increases the incidence of skin cancer in your later years. Especially people who experienced multiple sunburns in their youth.

To Spray or Rub

For nearly half of the past 30 years scientists weren’t even sure which rays, UVA or UVB, where responsible for skin cancers. Sun Protection Factors (SPFs) have also increased from 15 being considered full coverage to 30 and 60 considered full coverage today. During those years when we missed the mark, many people exposed themselves to damaging rays under the false belief they were protected.

New studies now show that spray on sunscreens may be more effective than creams. It is believed that rubbing in sunscreen scatters much of the protection into sweat glands, fine lines and pores, lowering the defense on the actual skin. If you do use rub on sunscreens, it’s best to apply two coats.

The Best Defenses

It is always important to avoid the sun between noon and 2 pm when the sun is strongest. Wear sunscreens and protective clothing, especially for the head, face, back of the neck and ears. Remember that damaging rays can penetrate clothing and windows.

Always use a sunscreen of at least SPF 18 on your face, neck and back of your hands, everyday. When you’re planning outdoor activities, increase protection to at least 30, and try to minimize the amount of time you’re actually in the sun. Since vitamin D3 is produced by the sun, consider a supplement of this vitamin.

Another study has shown people who drink at least two cups of green and black tea may have some natural immunity to skin cancer. Both green and black teas contain antioxidants that help fight UV-induced damage. Tea did not appear to protect people who had exposed themselves to multiple sunburns.

According to recent studies published in Allure magazine, skin creams like Estee Lauder’s Advanced Night Repair Concentrate may actually help repair sun damage. They also found that Dimericine, a new lotion in development, speeds the repair of sun-damaged DNA in skin cells. The lotion, invented by Daniel Yarosh, president of AGI Dermatics says the product may be available within a few years.

In the meanwhile, savvy sun-lovers need to be diligent staying out of the day’s hottest rays, limiting exposure and wearing protective sunscreens and clothing.

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One Piece Bathing Suits

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