How To Stay On A Workout Program

How Do I Stay On A Fitness Program?

In one study, participants who kept workout logs, counted sets and reps, filled out food journals and did so consistently for four weeks doubled their weight loss over the group that made a workout commitment, but didn’t do the paperwork.

My motto–and my program–is if you want to get it right, write it down!

Consistency is King

The best results from any workout come from effort and consistency. Your body benefits from effort by adapting to a new challenge: that means a little longer, a little faster or a little stronger. The other key is consistency. Your body was made to work everyday—we weren’t hardwired for movies and manicures and sunbathing. Our heart, lungs and muscle were designed to work and when they get to, they actually reward you.

Think about how you feel when you finish a workout. Accomplished? You bet. Happy? From ear to ear. Empowered? Like you can conquer the world. Those feelings come from the endorphins that exercise kicks in to pump you up.

Even if you have a slow or weak day (it happens to all of us) if you show up for your workout, run a little less enthusiastically, lift a little lighter, kick a little lower or swim one less lap, you’re still going to have all these good feelings because you didn’t let yourself down. You don’t have to leave a blank page in your journal or your calendar.

How To Stay On A Workout Program

Exercise Results

If you pick up the phone and dial your friend, their phone will answer. If you get in the car and go to the supermarket, most likely you’ll go shopping. When your kids need breakfast it gets on the table. When you have a 10 am appointment you’re there on time. All day, every day, you do things on a consistent basis. Your workouts have to take on that same consistency.

Hire a personal trainer. That’s one way to increase your consistency. Have another friend as serious as you about getting in shape and making a real difference in how they look and feel? Hook up, make a plan, and be workout partners.

It all starts with one simple commitment: that you will give a period of time (4, 6, 8 weeks) to consistently eating a healthier, fresher diet, and exercising in a regimented form at least three days of the week, and moving more on the days you’re not formally exercising (taking a walk, running with the dog, taking the bike to school, stairs instead of elevator, hike instead of shopping.) At the end of that first goal period, take a good look at how you feel. Take a good look at your attitude. Your energy. Your confidence.

Everyone starts out somewhere. You’re neither ahead of nor behind the pack. You are where you are today; now make every day count to get you further toward where you want to be.

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