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Bikini Body Ready – Flat Belly Facts

The Body’s Centerpiece

The body’s torso—that area so totally on view in a bikini—is important not only for a toned, attractive female figure, but also for a healthy body. The torso houses your body’s organs: liver, kidneys, heart and ovaries, just to name a few. We all know that organ health is directly proportionate to our health.

The abdominal muscles are partly responsible for protecting those organs. You’re not going to like this, but helping them do their job is fat: nature’s natural cushion. Obviously, a toned and flat midsection is always going to be a battle for keeping body fat low, and abdominal strength high. At times in a woman’s life this is very difficult; but we all do our best.

flat belly bikini body ready abs

What You Can Expect

Six packs, washboard abs, or whatever you want to call a defined midsection has become the sign of a truly fit and attractive body. Like every personality, everyone’s abdominal structure is unique.

The abdominals consist of a wide swath of muscles that generally appear like an 8-pack down the center of the torso. The upper portion is responsible for bringing the shoulders toward the knees; the lower portion is responsible for bringing the knees to the shoulders. Not every body has a perfectly balanced set of abdominals.

TBS TIP: You don’t want to exercise your stomach for a flat tummy. Your stomach is an organ and the only exercise it gets is digestion. You want to exercise the abdominal muscles, or abs, to get a more defined and toned torso.

One thing every body has is abdominals; you just might not be able to see them. The abs hold the body upright. Without abs, you would collapse like a noodle.

We each have different body types. A person with wide shoulders and narrow hips is probably more likely to achieve those etched abs than a woman with narrow shoulders and wide hips. The object is to achieve a healthy, flat belly—those ripples of muscle just may not be in the cards for some of us!

Abs Aren’t Like other Muscles

Your abs work all day long, unlike your arms and legs. Exercising these muscles is different than most other skeletal muscle in that the abs can take a lot.

Exercises like sit-ups and leg raises are great. I personally love ab work performed on stability balls because it helps work the muscles on the sides of the abs, the obliques, as well. My one rule of thumb for all ab exercises is to perform them to FAILURE, or to the point you can’t do one more repetition.

I like to add to that rule the word boredom. The abdominals can sometimes be difficult to isolate and we may be using other muscles to perform the movement. In some cases, an improperly performed exercise can be done without fatiguing the muscle. When that happens, give it up and find another exercise.

TBS TIP: Give your abs some extra work, and give your spine a rest! Americans notoriously “rest” on our spines by slouching, while standing or sitting. Picture a crown above your head and practice lifting your head inside it: your abs and back will love you for it!

Bikini Body Ready – Flat Belly Facts- Bikini Body Ready, Abs, Flat Stomach

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