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Red G String Bikini

Red G String Bikini – Featured Bikini of the Day for March 18

If you are looking for a bikini that is super-hot and will attract a lot of attention Red G String Bikini Sexy Bikini Of The Day March 18then this sizzling fire red g string bikini is for you. This is the one bikini that will cause more cases of whiplash as you stroll by showing off all of your best assets. This fiery g string bikini is adjustable everywhere for a perfect fit every time.

The sizzling g string bikini top features fully adjustable triangles and ties at the back and neck. It has removable padding and is fully lined with our comfy soft fabric. Available in sizes: XS (AA-A), S (A-B), M (B-C), L (C), LL (D), 1X (DD), 2X (DDD)

The smoking hot fire red g string bottom ties on both hips with adjustable front triangle and is fully lined. Available in sizes for everyone. Sizes: (6-10), Full (12+)

Get ready to be the center of attention, command the beach and be the goddess of worship in this sizzling G string bikini


Get this sexy G string Bikini Now

Get this sexy G string Bikini Now

Surfing Girls – Tonga and Thong Bikinis

Surfing Girls – Tonga and Thong Bikinis

Surfing Girls – Tonga and Thong Bikinis – It is widely known that it was the surfing crowd that had originally played such Surfing Girls – Tonga and Thong Bikinisa large role in the growth of the tonga and thong bikini industry. Once limited to the elite female surfing crowd, the thong and tonga bikini has experienced massive growth in the swimwear industry over the last ten years. Once a teen style swimsuit, the sales have soared in the 25 to 40 age group as women have turned to physical fitness in their free time and what a better way to show of your work in the gym then slipping into a stunning tonga or thong bikini.

Just take a look at any female surfing competition and you will see oodles of thongs, tongas and g strings in all shapes, sizes and colors.

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Popular Travel Destinations – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Popular Travel Destinations – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Popular Travel Destinations – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – It’s as if Rio de Janeiro were created so that 6.3 million beautiful Rio de Janeiro Beautiful Beaches Popular Travel Destinationspeople could all look out at a beautiful landscape and think about how beautiful life is. This party-loving city makes headlines each year for its raucous carnival when, from Ipanema to Copacabana, the streets couldn’t be more alive with blaring blocos and seductive samba queens. Indeed, Rio’s residents have perfected the art of living well, and after a long day of fun in the sun, they need only look up toward the open arms of Christ the Redeemer to forgive their sins. Yet, beyond the glitter and gold, beyond the powdery beaches, scenic vistas and live-well mentality, lies a city ready to be taken seriously on the global stage.


Rio de Janeiro, Brazil lies between the sea and several fertile green mountains, including Pão d’Açucar (Sugarloaf)Rio de Janeiro Map Pinned Popular Travel Destinations Rio de Janeiro Brazil Global Map Popular Travel DestinationsMountain, and Corcovado, home to the famous art-deco statue of Christ the Redeemer. Lined with 23 beaches along its coast, its most famous, Copacabana and Ipanema, are teeming with bikers, walkers, joggers, surfers, swimmers and sunbathers, all enjoying the scene as much as the sun.

Everybody is excited about Rio de Janeiro. Need proof? A recent study by MasterCard claims Rio is the world’s most up-and-coming city destination for international travelers — and it’s worked hard to cultivate this reputation by growing its global importance exponentially. It hosted the Rio+20 Earth Summit this year and will welcome the world to the FIFA World Cup in 2014. More importantly, it’s gearing up for its role as the first South American city to host the Olympic Games in 2016. Consider 2013 your preview of what’s to come.

Weather in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – Popular Travel Destinations

Rio de Janeiro in Brazil experiences a southern hemisphere tropical climate, which experiences the summer season from December to March and the winter season from June to September.

Rio de Janeiro Weather Popular Travel Destinations

At the height of summer, it can get very hot and humid, often averaging during the day between 90°F – 100°F (32°C – 38°C). It is not uncommon for daytime temperatures to exceed 100°F. In the summer, it will cool down slightly during the day due to frequent and often heavy rains. Summer is also the rainy season in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. In the evenings, temperatures fall to about 75°F (24°C). Along Copacabana and Ipanema Beaches the constant sea breezes help to cool things off, especially at night.

The winter climate is much less humid than in the summer and is considered to be the dry season. Total rainfall lessens during the winter months, and rain showers are less frequent and tend to be lighter. Winter temperatures average 78°F (26°) during the day and 65°F (18°C) at night.

When is the best time to visit Rio de Janeiro, Brazil?

You should head down and enjoy the hot Rio de Janeiro weather during the summer months if your plan is to party Rio de Janeiro Beach Sunset Popular Travel Destinationsand scope out the opposite sex on the beach. Also, if you want to experience New Year’s Eve (Reveillon) or Carnival (Carnaval), you have to visit during the summer and just deal with the heat and humidity. It can take awhile for some people from northern climates to acclimate to the tropical climate. Summer is the time when the beaches are packed and the atmosphere is constantly festive from mid December to the end of Carnival.

If you prefer a bit cooler weather and want to skip the gigantic New Year’s celebration and the crazy Carnival, then the weather in the winter months may be the better bet. Winter is also considered to be the low season, so rates for hotels, hostels, and apartment rentals are lower. Beaches are less crowded, but the water is still quite warm. Hiking and other outdoor activities can be more enjoyable without the oppressive heat. You also stand a better chance of having less rainy days and clear views from atop Sugarloaf and Christ the Redeemer. The restaurant and nightclub atmosphere may be a bit less festive than in the summer, but Rio is a city of several million people, so there’s always a party going on somewhere.

Rio’s Beaches: Popular Travel Destinations

Rio has a stretch of sand that’s just right for you — you just need to figure out where it is. One of the single most Rio de Janeiro Thong SwimwearPopular Travel Destinationsimportant ways to identify a carioca, or a Rio native, is to know where he or she likes going to the beach. Nowhere is that clearer than in Ipanema, where each posto, or lifeguard station, has its characteristic crowd: there’s the mother-and- baby spot, the gay area, and so on.

São Conrado is the place to be when you want to see hanggliders; Arpoador is great for surfing; Urca is a quiet beach in a classy neighborhood. Copacabana is the beach with the legendary black and white sidewalk that hosts the country’s best Reveillon, or New Year’s Eve celebration. Its latest attraction is a series of kiosks which serve all kinds of food and drink. There’s no getting bored on a Rio beach.

Rio de Janeiro Olympic Training Popular Travel Destinations

Currency Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Brazil’s currency is the Brazilian real (BRL). Most stores will accept credit cards; however, traveler’s checks are not usually accepted. You may get a discount if you pay with cash.

Rio de Janeiro – Safety Tips: Popular Travel Destinations

Safety is definitely a concern in Rio. As a foreign tourist, you should pay extra attention to what’s going around you when you stop to take a picture, fish your wallet out of your pocket in the street, or use an ATM. Saving jewelry for an outing with a definite destination and a ride in a reliable taxi is better than wearing it when you go for a walk. Avoid lonely neighborhoods. When you are walking around, don’t display a hesitant attitude – if you need to stop for directions, go into a store or a restaurant to ask someone.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – Home of the Thong and G String Bikini

Rio de Janeiro Brazil Home of the Thong and G String Bikini

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – Home of the Thong and G String Bikini

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