Ferne McCann Bikini

Ferne McCann Rocks Her Red Bikini


Ferne McCann is an English television personality. Born on August 6 1990, the 25 year old beauty is best known as a cast member of the ITVBe reality show The Only Way Is Essex, having been on the show since the ninth series in 2013.

On 15 November 2015, it was confirmed that Ferne McCann would be participating in the fifteenth series of I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here.

From these pictures, we already know she is going to be a hit. Her stunning curves are going to gather admirers worldwide. We wish her all the best with her new challenges ahead.

Ferne McCann Bikini Photos

Cheeky Zebra Print Bikini

Stunning Zebra Print Cheeky Bikini

This beautiful zebra print bikini with cheeky backside is sure to turn heads and bring out your Hot-Animal-Print-Zebra-Cheeky-Bikiniwilder side. The sizzling animal print fabric brings out the true free zebra spirit and stands out in every crowd.

The hot string triangle bikini top features our fully adjustable triangles and our famous comfy lining. Adjustable ties at the neck and back insure a perfect fit every time and comes with removable padding. Available in sizes: XS (AA-A), S (A-B), M (B-C), L (C), LL (D)

The stunning zebra print bikini bottom features our sizzling rear cheeky look with designer scoop front and is fully lined. Available in sizes: XS (0-2), S (2-4), M (6-8), L (8-10), LL (12-14)




Get This Sizzling Zebra Print Bikini NOW!

Get This Sizzling Zebra Print Bikini NOW!

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Bikini Tops with Support

Bikini Tops That Offer Exceptional Support

Elements-Of-A Supportive-Bikini-Top

When it comes to bikini tops that offer support, there are really only two main options available that work. Bikinis Tops That Offer SupportThere is the “underwire” and the ”halter” style tops. Within these two categories there are a number of options available depending on the look and coverage that you are looking for.

Before we take a look at actual bikini top examples, let’s examine the main elements that make up the structure of a good bikini top that offers support.

Bikini Tops With Under Support or Lift –  Not matter how you look at it, if you are looking for support, you either need an underwire style “Note the underwire is actually plastic in a bikini to avoid corrosion” or a wide elastic support band under the bust. In either case, both offer excellent support and make up the foundation of a good bikini top.

Side Support – I know this sounds a little odd, but a good bikini top that offers excellent support requires side panels or a wider cup to keep things tucked in and allow the support band or underwire to do its job.

Wide Straps – Depending on the size of your bust, always take a look at the width of the straps. Unlike bras, many companies that offer supportive bikini tops design them with narrow straps which will dig into your shoulders and neck and become extremely uncomfortable very quickly. Choose a bikini top that has a strap that will match the weight and size of your bust.

Fabric For Support – Make sure you choose a bikini top with a lining if you want to truly get excellent support. Some of the single layer sheer styles are simply stunning however they do not offer the same shaping and countering ability that a lined bikini top offers.

Supportive Bikini Top Coverage – Depending on your comfort level, bikini tops that offer support come in a wide range of coverage options. Choosing the right coverage will allow you to feel comfortable while taking part in activities or simply strolling around a resort or cruise ship. With this said, keep in mind that a bikini top that offers excellent support will raise and shape your bust so be careful not to choose a bikini top that will expose to much or too little for your personal taste.

Elements Of A Supportive Bikini Top


 Support Underwire Bikini Tops

Calypso Underwire Bikini Top With Support – The supportive Calypso underwire bikini top features a full cross underwire with wide center band. The cups offer booth full side coverage and is fully lined. Notice the wide straps. This style of bikini top would be considered a mid-range coverage top which makes it suitable for all sizes and can easily supports busts up to 2X (DDD). Get This Bikini Now

Calypso Underwire Bikini Top With Support

Brazilian Underwire Support Bikini Top – The Brazilian Underwire support bikini top is a traditional support bikini top style that has been around for years. It offers good coverage, will contour and shape the bust line however because of the spaghetti straps both on the back and neck tie we don’t recommend this for busts that are over 1X (DD). If you are looking for a really sexy shaping bikini top however this a great choice for small to large bust sizes but steer clear if you are over a (DD). Get This Bikini Now

Brazilian Underwire Supportive Bikini Top

Shaping Underwire – This shaping bikini top offers excellent support and is perfect for larger, heavier bust sizes. The underwire support is built in the bra style top throughout the full width of the cups. The center girth between the cups is wide and offers additional center support preventing the cups from separating. The shoulder straps are wide so shoulder support and pinching will not be a problem and the cups are full on the sides. This bikini top combines excellent support and shaping for a really sexy look. Get This Bikini Now

Shaping Underwire

Mid-Range-Support Bikini Top – The mid-range support bikini top can handle larger busts but for best results, don’t overdo it. All of the major design features are built into this underwire bikini top including center and side support with a nice shaping feature. The one drawback to this bikini top is the width of the shoulder straps, but with that said, if you think they will not dig into your shoulders than this is absolutely a stunning beach bikini top that offers plenty of support in all the right places. Get This Bikini Now

Mid Range Support Bikini Top

Shelf Style Support Underwire Bikini Top – This supportive bikini top has it all, Strong underwire cups, excellent center band support between the cups, the side of the cups are fully enclosed and the straps are plenty wide for even the largest of bust sizes. This is also a shaping bikini that looks to say the least extremely sexy offering more of a provocative flashy look that shows a little extra cleavage. Get This Bikini Now

Shelf Style Support Underwire Bikini Top

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Underwire Support Bikini Tops

Halter Support Bikini Tops

Basic Support Halter Bikini Top – Unlike the underwire support bikini tops, a good halter bikini top can also provide plenty of sustenance. Look for a wide support center band, wide body and shoulder straps and a good lining. Put all of these qualities together and you have a comfortable supportive bikini top that will look amazing. This beautiful red support halter top is a perfect example of what is available for the woman that needs support but wants to look sensational at the same time. Get This Bikini Now

Basic Support Halter Bikini Top

Banded Support Halter Bikini Tops – This stunning halter top bikini offers not only excellent support, but the contrasting colors and open cleavage will definitely turn heads as you stroll by. This top offers the same options as the standard halter top above, but we wanted to add it to our collection to demonstrate what adding a splash of color can do if you are looking to show off a little. Super sexy, super comfy. Get This Bikini Now

Banded Halter Support Bikini Top

Banded Halter Support Bikini Top With Crisscross Straps – Similar the sport halter top bikini, this supportive bikini top style also has the crisscross straps with rear closure combination for added comfort and confidence. The only real difference between this top and the sport halter bikini top, is the low cut cleavage offering a sexier look. Get This Bikini Now

Banded Halter Support Bikini Top Crisscross Straps

Full Support, Full Coverage Sport Halter Bikini-Top – Sport Halter style bikini tops can offer amazing support and uplift for the active woman. Take for example the blue sport support halter top bikini below. This top features a full girth support band, full side cup coverage and combines a crisscross back strap with the standard rear closure. This bikini top shows little cleavage but what it lacks in skin, it makes up for with its incredible shaping and support. Get This Bikini Now

Full Support Full Coverage Halter Support Bikini Top

Sheer Support Halter Bikini Top – Our final selection in the halter top style of support bikini top is a sheer white top. This top is slightly sheer when dry but completely sheer when wet. It offers a wide girth band for support and looks truly amazing. The only drawback to this style of bikini top when it comes to support, is it does not have the inner lining, if support is what is most important than this style of top is not recommended otherwise it truly is a sizzling style of bikini top. Get This Bikini Now

Sheer Support Halter Bikini Top

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Halter Bikini Tops

Other Sexy Supportive Bikini Top Options

The last three bikini tops that we wanted to show you are new to the market this year. They offer excellent support, coverage and a sexy sophisticated look.

Black Lace Nude Lining Support Bikini Top – First we have the black lace full coverage bikini top with skin tone lining for a dramatic effect. This top as well as the next three feature a full coverage pleated drape fabric that ties at the neck and back with a supportive hook closure to make you feel totally secure. Built in slimming side panels combined with lace/skin tone lining gives a really sizzling look for the woman that wants a little extra coverage with her support. Get This Bikini Now

Black Lace Nude Lining Support Bikini Top

White Double Hook Closure Supportive Bikini Top – This stunning white drape top features a breathtaking textured fabric. This full coverage support top ties at the neck and back with a supportive hook closure for added confidence and security. Get This Bikini Now

White Double Hook Closure Supportive Bikini Top

Bell Pleated Double Hook Closure Bikini Top – We saved the best for last. If you are truly looking for support and coverage with a whole lot of sophistication and elegance built into one bikini top this gorgeous pleated drape top with a hint of sparkle in the beautiful tan fabric is the perfect answer. This top has extra fabric sewn into the front and back for a truly slimming effect with ties at the neck and back with additional rear hook closure. This top offers support, slimming, confidence and is truly elegant. Get This Bikini Now

Bell Pleated Double Hook Closure Bikini Top

This was a small sample of what is available for women looking for a supportive bikini top. Remember choose a bikini top with a quality uplift system, either banded or underwire. Make sure the shoulder straps are wide enough to comfortably support the weight of your bust and make sure that the cups will keep things tucked in on the sides.

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