Sailor Stripes Bikini Of The Day

Sailor Stripes Bikini of The Day

Spring is finally upon us and beach season is just around the corner. Days of lounging Blue-Striped-Sailor-Bikini-Featured-Bikini-Of-The-Dayaround the pool, feeling the warm sand on our feet as we stroll down the beach oceanside or relaxing on the deck of a beautiful boat, and our featured bikini of the day meets all of the requirements for a perfect summer day of relaxation and looking great at the same time.

This stunning nautical blue and white bikini offers a slimming fresh look. The halter style top has wide straps for comfort with a decorative center tie. This beautiful bikini top is fully lined with removable padding and ties at the neck at back. Available in sizes: S (A-B), M (B-C), L (C), LL (D), 1X (DD

The full scoop sailor bikini bottom offers full rear coverage and is fully lined with our comfy fabric with slimming scoop front. Available in sizes S (2-4), M (6-8), L (8-10), LL (12-14), 1X (14-16)

Get This Super Hot Nautical Bikini NOW

Get This Super Hot Nautical Bikini NOW

Bikinis and Boats

Bikinis and Boats

Bikinis and Boats – Well for some lucky people, summer turns into fall, fall turns into winter, winter turns into spring and really nothing changes, our boats stay in the water, we continue to wakeboard, water ski, wind surf and more, but for some, The coming of spring is a major event where we pull out our boats, our jet skis, our water skis and our wakeboards. We tune up our engines and prepare for a summer of fun in the sun and it all comes down to bikinis and boats.

Bikinis and boats

No matter where you live, spring is a major event, bringing clear skies, warmer temperatures and yes bikinis. The bikini comes out in full swing across the globe. This time of year is worshiped by all and history has shown that the bikini plays a big part in the wonderful world of summer fun. Bikinis and boats just go hand in hand.

Let’s face it, what would a wakeboard boat be without a bikini on board, imagine a cruise ship with no bikinis, or a beach without g string, thong or string bikinis. In all these cases a beach would just be a beach, a boat is just a boat and a cruise ship is just a cruise ship, you can say what you want but women in bikinis and stunning one piece swimsuits is what summer is all about. Guy’s don’t kid yourself, you can say what you want but a fact is a fact, no women in bikinis, there’s no party.

Ladies not that you should feel any pressure but the facts are out, you make the party. If you see a wakeboard boat without a woman on it in a beautiful bikini, well it’s just not a wakeboard boat, it’s just a boat.

Bikinis and Boats sport bikinisSo for the ladies what’s popular for this season when it comes to Bikinis and Boats? Well let’s see, for starters for the active woman that wants to take part in all of the water activities, the sports bikini with the booty short bottom is a sure winner.  This style of bikini is sexy, especially on the curvaceous women and offers security while taking part in the roughest of water sports.









Bikinis and boats string bikinisNext we have the string bikini, the all-time favorite that is always at home on any boating excursion. The string bikini has been the favorite choice for years on boats around the world. When it comes to bikinis and boats, the string bikini is a sure winner.









Bikinis and boats bikinis with strapsSo what’s next well the latest fashion is the bikini with multiple straps instead of a waist band or string. These bikinis are a more formal style of bikini offering a great deal of formality and elegance.










Bikinis and boats thong and g string bikinisOk so finally what about the g string and thong bikini. No woman should be without one if she is in any way inclined to do any boating this summer. Think of those quiet times drifting down the lake or on the ocean when you just want to lie back and relax in the sun or have a quiet afternoon with that special friend. Would it not make for a perfect afternoon in a thong or g string bikini, sipping a cocktail and relaxing in the sun?

Bikinis and Boats, It’s all part of the Fun In The Sun


Bikinis and Boats

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