Bikinis for Women with Thicker Body Types


Bikinis for Women with Thicker Body Types

Don’t fret if you are a woman with a thinker body or large bone structure. You have the Bikinis for larger womeneasiest body type to suit up in a bikini and have them dropping at your feet.

The in body type is no longer the skinny girl, it is the girl with curves so choosing the right bikini style to accommodate those curves is all it takes to look simply fabulous.

To start, a thicker torso and legs requires a bikini bottom with higher leg openings and if possible a scoop front. The higher leg or thigh openings will elongate your legs and torso and instantly you will become curvy and sexy.

Steer clear of bikinis that have low cut leg openings and straight front waist lines, you want to add dimension to your body not take it away, and don’t worry about that little extra on your tummy, most men think its sexy. You want to take advantage of your curves, not try and hide them.

Bikinis for women with thicker bodies

Now when it comes to your top, there are typically two scenarios, you either have a full larger bust or a smaller bust. For the perfect look, you want to balance things between your torso and top size.

For a larger bust, try an underwire bikini top with support and wider shoulder straps for comfort. Make sure that the support is designed to give full lift under your bust line. A second option is a halter style bikini top with a support band. This style of bikini top gives a full range of support throughout your bust.

For the women with a smaller bust there are two great options available to you. The first is to purchase a bikini top with padding. The padding will lift your bust and fill in underneath giving you a fuller rounder appearance.

Your second option is silicon bikini top enhancers specifically designed for use in a bikini Silicon Bikini Top Enhancerstop where water will be a constant factor. Silicon bikini top enhancers will add a full cup size to your bust line.

In summary ladies, rejoice your thicker body type, you are in style and if you follow these simple steps you are going to look amazing.

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Little Bikinis for Travel Season No Filter

No Filter – Little Bikinis

It’s that time of year again, when the northern winds come down from the poles bringing with Small Bikinis | Tiny Bikinis | Petite Bikinisthem the winter chilling air, with this comes the migration of thousands to more southern locations seeking soft white sands, hot sunny days and of course wearing little bikinis. It’s a joyous time of year, if you don’t believe us, simply sit in an airport near a waiting area of a plane heading south and look at the smiles and listen to the laughter.

For many women this is the time of year to relax, get a bronzing tan and spend the day in a smoking hot tiny bikini. This is the time when she feels the most feminine of all. She feels beautiful, strolling through the resort with a mojito in her hand or watching the ocean on a beautiful cruise, her weapon of choice, a little bikini that accentuates her curvaceous torso, and moves with your body like it is a part of her.

For this year’s travel season, take a look at the beautiful sexy little bikinis that are hitting the beach this season.

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Black Magic Bikinis and One Piece Swimwear

543322The Black Magic Women – Bikinis and One Piece Swimwear

Bring out your mystical beauty. Be the Black Magic Woman in a spell binding black one piece swimsuit or bikini. The Black Magic Woman is a breath-taking, captivating creature cherished by all. Beauty like a fairy tale princess innocently displaying her delicate curves and enchanting assets.

Slip into a bewitching one piece swimsuit that will embrace your feminine curves, sculpt your luxurious figure. Uplift your bust and embrace that full round feeling, Elongate your sensuous limbs in a high cut or high thigh black swimsuit that will make you look lean and trim. You will worship your body when you gaze into a mirror, seeing is believing when you see how irresistibly intoxicating you truly are.

Keeping with the times, the Black Magic Woman always has a tiny black bikini in her book of spells. She turns the tides of time when she wears her black two piece swimsuit, leaving a wave of mesmerized innocent bystanders in her wake. The black fabric contrasts against her satin skin, the tiny strings keep the tempting garment in place as she ambles amongst the crowds waiting the catch a glimpse of the Black Magic Woman.

Black Bikinis - Black One Piece Swimsuits for the Black Magic Woman

This vacation season be the “Black Magic Women” in a sexy Black Bikini or Sizzling Black One Piece Swimsuit

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Camo Bikini Swimwear

Camo Bikinis

Camo String BikiniCamo Bikinis – For the country girl with a touch of redneck or the city girl looking for some adventure, the camo bikini is the perfect choice. Fun sexy and show a bit of your wild side, your new camo bikini will be the talk of the town. Slide into one of our sexy camouflage string bikinis, camo sport, booty or one piece swimsuits. For the really adventurous we also carry a selection of camo thong and g string bikinis.

Get ready for that fun day at the beach, resort, or cruise, these sexy bikinis are great conversation starts and will last for years. We guarantee you will be getting some new attention and making new friends

Show off you best assets in a new camo bikini or one piece swimsuit today.

Camo String Bikini Camo Bikinis

Camo String Bikini

Camo Colombian String

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