Spring Break in Cancun Mexico

Spring Break in Cancun Mexico

Cancun Spring Break 2013 Cancun Mexico Spring BreakSpring Break In Cancun – Cancun the number one Spring Break Party Paradise

Cancun is a tropical paradise that remains one of the world’s top tourist destinations. This comes as no surprise when you consider how much Spring Break in Cancun has to offer.  If you’re looking for a place with great weather, pumping nightlife, many accommodation options and some of the coolest activities in Mexico, Cancun is where you want to be.

Home to the world’s second largest barrier reef, Cancun is an ideal place for scuba diving and snorkeling.

Cancun adventurers may also be interested in exploring a cenote or taking a side trip. You may also want to go golfing, fishing or play tennis. If you’re looking for something a tad tamer, Cancun also has great shopping, sun-bathing, and dining.

As far as accommodation, Cancun runs the gamut. It has everything from luxurious villas to all-inclusives and all-inclusive resorts budget hotels, you’ll be able to find something in Cacun that meets your budget and your needs.

And when it comes to nightlife, there is no better place than beautiful Cancun. There are dozens of great bars, superclubs and even lounges to ensure the perfect night out.

Cancun is located in the eastern Mexican state of Quintana Roo on the Yucatan Peninsular. It is just south of the Strait of Yucatan that divides the Mexican Gulf and the Caribbean Sea. At the other side of the Strait of Yucatan, about 400 miles from the State of Quintana Roo is Cuba. Towards the south, the Yucatan peninsula borders Belize and Guatemala.

Where Is Cancun Located

Cancun Mexico Map Cancun Mexico Spring BreakThe city of Cancun is actually a few miles away from the Cancun hotel area. Most hotels are built on a long but narrow peninsula, so that they have a beach to both sides. The front side faces the Caribbean Sea, while at the other side there is large Lagoon. This area is known as the Hotel Zone (Zona Hotelera). The Zona Hotelera is several miles long and connected to Cancun City by a good, four lane avenue.

Spring Break in Cancun Weather

With the sun shining on average between 240 and 253 days per year, Cancun is a year-round holiday destination, although certain times of year may be more favorable than others. High season for travel falls between December and April. During these months the weather tends to be sunny, with temperatures hovering around 85ºF (30ºC) during the day and rarely dipping far below 65ºF (18ºC) at night.

Cancun Hotel Zone

The hotel zone is a narrow piece of land shaped like the number “7” and separated from the mainland by the freshwater Laguna Nichupte. Construction began in 1970 and the first hotels opened in 1974. There are now over 27,000 hotel rooms along the 17-mile stretch of beaches, according to the official Cancun tourism bureau.

Cancun Airport

Cancun International Airport is the second busiest in Mexico. Located south of the Hotel Zone, it sees an average of 800,000 passengers a month pass through its portals in the winter high season, according to the airport’s official website. The drive to the Hotel Zone takes 20 to 30 minutes.

When To Go To Cancun

With an average temperature of 80 F (27 C), average water temperature of 86 F (33 C), and 240 days of sunshine, nearly any time is a good time for a siesta. If you are looking for a high-volume party atmosphere, the best months are February and March – the peak of the American university’s spring break season. If a thrifty getaway is what you seek, late summer and early winter are most affordable. September and October should generally be avoided due to windy weather and the occasional tropical storm.

Cancun Lodging

Cancun is equipped with everything from luxury all-inclusive resorts to small, quaint inns. Reservations are always suggested, but they are essential from December through April; rooms during the last week in December and the first week in January are sold out months in advance.

Many Web sites allow you to check out the various accommodations, including Cancun Hotel Guide, Mexico Web and Cancun Online.

When selecting a hotel for your spring break Cancun vacation, start with the location. Generally speaking, the Hotel Zone has mostly high-rise hotels, but this is where it’s at when it comes to partying. With the Caribbean Sea to the east, Mujeres Bay to the north, and Nichupte Lagoon in the center, almost all options in the hotel zone have some type of beachfront property. The downtown area has less expensive and more intimate hotels, but you’ll need to take a bus or taxi to get to the beach.

To narrow down your ideal hotel location further, read on for specific beaches and party spots.

Spring Break in Cancun Beaches

Cancun’s famed beaches suffered damage and erosion during Hurricane Wilma in 2005, but a $71 million effort restored them. Strong currents and undertows flow offshore and visitors should always heed warning flags at lifeguard stations–yellow, red and black flags signify rising degrees of caution with black advising visitors to stay out of the water. The safest beaches are located on the north side of the causeway leading to Cancun City. The southernmost beaches, where the newest resorts are located, have the strongest offshore current.

Student City – Spring Break in Cancun Video from last year.

A little preview of what you are in for-Please stay seated and fasten your seatbelts

Spring Break in Cancun Night Life

Coco Bongo Spring Break in CancunCoco Bongo – Dance on the floor, dance on the bar, dance wherever you are when you are at Coco Bongo, Cancun’s House of Rock & Pop – This place is LOCO!! The unique club features an entertainment design that not only includes live bands and the best in dance music, but also features extravagant stage shows. You will dance til dawn when confetti & streamers falling from the ceiling, costumes, shows and a high voltage atmosphere come together to give you a complete ‘Party Overdose!

The City Spring Break in CancunThe City – The concept is simple. We are building a place for people of all ages, both local to Cancun as well as visitors, to have a great time. The City® features a tri-level, state-of-the-art nightclub, a beach club, a lounge, a restaurant, and a terrace bar. The facade: A three dimensional city skyline, with skyscrapers, towers, and various styles of architecture. Simply, a city in the middle of Cancun’s party zone.


Dady 'O Spring Break in CancunDady ‘O – ” Get a Nightlife” is their motto so if you’re at Dady’O, you know you’ve got one! Dady’O is known as the techno palace of Cancun. The club is formed like a cave with tiered seating surrounding a large dance floor and stage. Famous for its extensive sound, video and psychedelic light shows, Dady’O was rated one of the top 5 dance clubs world-wide.


Senor Frogs Spring Break in CancunSenor Frogs – 100% party. A jamming dance floor and party atmosphere. Live band and recorded music. Sawdust dance floor. Good Margaritas. Can get crazy! Then throw in BBQ ribs, homemade bread, reggae band, popcorn fights, water guns and a water slide that’ll dump you right into the lagoon.



Bulldog Cafe Spring Break in CancunBulldog Café – The Home of Rock & Roll! Bulldog Cafe is a fairly new nightclub in Cancun offering a new concept similar to those found in most cosmopolitan cities around the world. ‘People like you, good tunes, live concerts, celebrities, rock and roll Jacuzzi and a splendid time guaranteed for all.’ It’s a place ‘by and for musicians.’ The club features the latest audio and lighting innovations, lasers, special effects and live shows. The stage is set up so that it can be seen perfectly to everyone in the club and there is an exotic ‘Rock and Roll Jacuzzi’ available for the more untamed clientele. Bulldog Cafe will entertain and surprise you with innovative shows and the hottest rock, hip-hop, pop and alternative rhythms, rockin’ until sunrise!

Caribbean Carnival Spring Break in CancunCaribbean Carnival – The Crazy Caribbean Carnaval Cruise to Isla Mujeres (Island of the Women) every year is voted best Spring Break Party! From the moment you depart the dock the drinks flow freely and the music never stops while you cruise to Isla Mujeres for the wildest night of your Spring Break Vacation. Upon arrival at the island enjoy an exquisite dinner, buffet style, including fresh salads, delicious pastas, meat, chicken and fish as well as succulent desserts and tasty coffee. You will also enjoy our open bar. As dinner wraps up, the crowd moves to the amphitheater for a variety of entertainment including a wild array of games and contests organized by the entertainment staff. At the end of this beach party you will cruise back to Cancun on the Caribbean Carnaval, where fun will continue. Don’t miss the opportunity of enjoying this spectacular night with entertainment, games, dancing and live music. If you can remember… it is sure to be a night you will not soon forget.

XX Bar Spring Break in CancunXX Bar – XX Bar and Terrace is an open air bar decorated in a Caribbean style, with palms, palapas, hammocks, beds and jakuzzi overlooking the party zone. Offering entertainment of first level: performances, dancers, regueton live band, airdancers, djs and MCs that will make you take the party to the climax, (are you ready to party!!) the music that is enjoyed in our bar and terrace includes from classic of all the times, rock, disco music, hip-hop and electronic music, to the already famous regueton, salsa and the best music in spanish. XX Bar is an excellent place to get the night rolling, or comeback to keep it rolling.

Spring Break in Cancun Terrasta BarTerrasta Bar – Located right int he heart of Cancun’s nightlife, this outdoor terrace features world renowned dj’s palying the best reggae, hip hop, r & b and reggaeton. The party continues until the last person leaves or the sun comes up…

Spring Break in Cancun Safety and Health Information

For health and safety information go to The Trip Advisor

Cancun Beaches

Cancun Beach Descriptions

Cancun Beaches Cancun Mexico Spring BreakCancun’s hotel zone is shaped like the number seven, as you can see from the small map to the right.

At the top of the “7” is the Bahia de Mujeres – the northern end of the hotel zone.  Beaches here are beautiful turquoise-blue with white sand, shallow for some distance out, and have little or no surf, making them great for swimming, snorkeling and other water sports.

To the right of the “7” is the Caribbean sea.  The beaches here also have beautiful turquoise waters and white sand, and also have surf.  Be especially careful on these beaches fronting the open Caribbean, where the undertow can be quite dangerous at times.  In general, the best Caribbean-side beaches are found from the Sheraton and south.

To the left of the “7”is the Nichupte Lagoon.  It is a salt-water lagoon, and is generally not good for swimming.  During the day, the Nichupte becomes a water sports haven, and many marinas offer jet skiing, sailing, kayaking, parasailing, windsurfing, water-skiing, and jungle tours.

Yes, there are even crocodiles in parts of the lagoon!  However, Cancun’s crocodiles are non-aggressive species that feed on fish and other small wildlife. It is estimated that no more than twenty-five adult crocodiles live in the 5,000-hectare-lagoon system, most of them in areas distant from tourist activities except where they are fed by restaurants as a tourist attraction.

Cancun Public Beach Access

While all beaches in Cancun are technically public (owned by the government), you may not be able to access the beach by walking through a hotel, which is private property.  Visitors staying in hotels that are not on the beach can access the beaches at any of the 10 public-access entries to the beach.

Playa Ballenas – Public entrance is a sidewalk along the Meridien Hotel wall fence.  Incredible views, and peaceful sunbathing. Keep an eye on the warning flags, however, as the currents can be quite dangerous any time of the year.  At kilometer 14 in the Hotel Zone, in between Punta Cancun and Punta Nizuc.

Playa Caracol/Playa Las Palmas – Entrance is hard to locate.  Go through the small wood gate next to Fiesta Americana Coral Beach. Also accessible through Xcaret bus terminal. Near Punta Cancun, ideal for children or beginner swimmers. One of the nicer beaches because of its flat shallow sand bed. Located at 8.5 km in the Hotel Zone.

Playa Chac Mool – Public entrance is across the street from Señor Frog’s. Public beach with changing area, handy restaurants.  Be advised however that the currents are strong and it’s tempting to wade too far out into the shallow water.  Good water sports area – sail-boarding, water skiing and parasailing. Located kilometer 10 in the Hotel Zone, near Punta Cancun.

Playa Delfines – Peaceful sunbathing and breathtaking views.  However it also offers dangerous swimming conditions in the strong surf and sometimes treacherous currents.  There are some stone benches for sitting and contemplating the sea, but no other facilities.  At kilometer 18 in the Hotel Zone, near Punta Nizuc.

Playa Juventud – Here is a nice place for swimming and a good place for water sports. Located off of Kukulcan Boulevard at km. 3 in the Hotel Zone.

Playa Langosta – Excellent swimming.  Situated in the middle of the north end of the Hotel Zone and facing Bahia de Mujeres, you can find some of the best swimming that Cancun has to offer at Playa Langosta. Lots of beach restaurants and bars. Located at km. 5 of the Hotel Zone. A dock with shuttles to Isla Mujeres and other tours located here too

Playa Las Perlas –  Another nice place for swimming and a good place for water sports. There are restaurants and bars on the beach. It is located at kilometer 2.5  in the Hotel Zone.

Playa Linda – Excellent swimming. Close to downtown and facing Bahia de Mujeres.  Some of the best swimming in all of Cancun.  Restaurants, changing rooms.  Playa Linda’s dock is the departure point for submarine and dive tours. Located at kilometer 4 in the Hotel Zone.

Playa Marlin – Public entrance behind Kukulcan Plaza. Sunbather’s delight. Well known for its incredible, expansive views and peaceful sunbathing.   Keep an eye on the warning flags however, as the currents can be dangerous.  Located at kilometer 13 in the Hotel Zone, in between Punta Cancun and Punta Nizuc.

Playa Tortugas – Public entrance is next to Fat Tuesday’s. Good swimming here, and perfect for water sports. A number of restaurants and refreshment bars located here too. Located at kilometer 6.5 in the Hotel Zone. Dock offering shuttles to Isla Mujeres and other tours

Spring Break Fashion in Cancun

As always the main weapon of choice for Spring Break is the Bikini and the skimpier the better.

Vibrant solids and animal prints are in this year in a host of brilliant colors.

The first item getting top 10 points is the thong bikini and g string bikinis. The leopard print g string is among the most popular as seen on the cover of Bikini Magazine. You can count on thousands of thong clad girls strutting their stunning figures at the beach, poolside and parties.

Leopard Teeny G-String Spring Break Cancun

Teeny Taffy G-String Spring Break in Cancun

Shop Thong Bikini swimwear spring break in cancun

Leopard Teeny G-String

Teeny Taffy G-String

Barcelona Thong Bikini

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The second item is the string bikini and again the skimpiest the better, Scoop front low rise bikinis are the norm with string tops but the halter bikini is showing an impressive come back.

Panama City Bikini Spring Break in Cancun

Tangy Taffy Tie Spring Break In Cancun

bare bones bikini spring break in cancun

Panama City Bikini

Tangy Taffy Tie

Bare Bones Bikini

Sexy Straps Bikini

Gold Chic Braided

Jazzy Metallic Tie

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The underwire bikini has aggressively grown in popularity and mix and match tops and bottoms are in.

Beach Blanket Underwire

Island Fever Belted

Black and White Calypso

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The one item that has shown the most increase in popularity is the super sexy one piece thong that seems to have taken hold as a super sexy beach fashion swimsuit.

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As for cover ups, low rise pants, and sheer see through cover ups are in offering protection from the afternoon sun.

The one cover up that is really going to be popular this year is the floor length tie sarong and tie top. Sales on this fashion item have already topped the charts for this upcoming spring break season.

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Spring Break – What’s Hot For Spring Break

Spring Break -What’s Hot for Spring Break 2013

Spring Break 2013

Spring Break 2013

Spring Break 2013Spring break is the busiest travel time of the year. Hundreds of thousands of college and university students flock to sunny beaches and resorts to party, dance, romance and shed the daily stress of school studies and work.

Fun in the sun is the name of the game and we are going to tell you about the best travel locations, parties and fashion for Spring Break 2013…so read on

Safety First – If you’re travelling south for Spring Break, remember that the bright sunshine can maximize the effects of alcohol. Remember to eat regularly, drink plenty of water and keep your friends close by for safety. Do not wonder off anywhere by yourself during Spring Break

Spring Break Travel Destinations


Cancun is not the only place to go for spring break in Mexico but it is by far the leading, hottest travel location for spring breakers in the world.

Cancun is a new city, built as a tourist resort in the 1970’s. It lacks some of the fabulous architecture found elsewhere in Mexico, but it does have fabulous weather, blue water and sugary sweet white sand to die for, and plenty to do very close by, like every water sport imaginable plus ecological preserves and fabulous ruins.

Do yourself a favor and give in to Cancun nightlife – at least once. Outside of Spring Break it’s still a little cheesy, but the bar and club scene are guaranteed entertainment (if not just for people watching). The atmosphere is typically friendly, chatty, and positive, so get ready to socialize — going out in Cancun’s Hotel Zone doesn’t involve sitting in a plush chair sipping a martini and enjoying quiet conversation for the night.

There is no such thing as a quiet drink in the heart of the Hotel Zone, unless you’re actually in your hotel. The quality of nightlife on Blvd. Kukulcan runs the gamut from traumatizing to fantastical. There are the usual staples, like Carlos ‘n’ Charlies, Senor Frogs, and some generic sports bars. Then there are clubs like Coco Bongo, that take entertainment to a completely different level. There really is something for everyone, but since everyone is different, do your research first.

Panama City Beach

In Panama City Beach, the party never stops, so you may want to choose your spring break hotel based on the noise-level. Chances are that if you don’t choose a quiet one, you’ll just be up for 7 days straight. And that may not be a bad thing for some of you.

Whether you head to a sports bar or a club, the nightlife in Panama City Beach is wild! A majority of the clubs are 18 to party, 21 to drink! So even if you’re underage, you can still get your dance on to some of the hottest DJ’s in the country. The cover charges range from $25 – $60, so if you don’t have your Panamaniac Card, be sure to bring extra money to get into the clubs.

Dress to impress.

In Panama City Beach, clubs rule the night. In fact, it’s the home of Club Spinnaker and Club La Vela, two of the largest nightclubs in the United States. But if you want to get into the hottest dance spots, make sure you pack appropriately.

The Panama City Beach Spring Break Day Parties are, in one word, ridiculous. They will bring the party with a DJ, hot music, and an MC to host your favorite off-the-chain Spring Break contests, from bikini contests and tug-of-wars to beach olympics and beer pong. Plus, you can win prizes like VIP bottle service, backpacks, tee-shirts, Spring Break trip vouchers for next year, and more!

South Padre Island

Every March, like clockwork, Generation X-ers would cram into cars and head south to Fort Lauderdale, Fla. for Spring Break fun in the sun and 24-hour beach bashes. Times have changed, and today’s college kids have turned their attention westward to South Padre Island, Tex. Although the location is different, the fundamental needs remain the same, and South Padre, or SPI, delivers with wide sandy beaches, sparkling blue water and a mixture of funky hotels and bars that emphasize character rather than class.

Las Vegas, Nevada

What sequined Sin City lacks in beaches it makes up for with bouncing bikini babes strutting about the MTV 2013 spring beak pool parties. The local drink is a Scorpion and in Vegas the party never stops. In Vegas a drink might cost you an arm and a leg but you’ll definitely have a good time. There is no sign of a drought in this desert!

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

A sexy beach town with the cosmopolitan edge, this town has a great club nightlife. Bathe in emerald seas and, as the sun goes down, clean up your act in a bump ‘n’ grind foam party lather. A beer is cheap at only $1.18, the boy-girl ratio is 1 to 1.6 so its great for all you guys out there and with 38 miles of beaches you can’t go wrong.

Panama City Beach, Florida

MTV might have been chased out of PCB after three appearances but for many students merry-makers, the turbocharged hedonism plays on. There are 27 miles of great beaches to party on all day, the boy-girl ratio is close to one to one and the local drink is a screwdriver. Get ready for some fun in the sun!

Acapulco, Mexico

The original Mexican party town. The drinking age is a glorious 18 and if Elvis had fun in Acapulco, so will you. Drug cartels? What drug cartels? Just stick to the tourist Golden Zone. Beers are really cheap at only 75 cents, the average temperature is 79 degrees and there are twenty great miles of beaches.

Miami, Florida

Whoop whoop. I’m going to Miami… even the most elusive shades offer little protection from the bright lights of South Beach, tangerine sun gods and the candy-cotton Art Deco beachfront. The local drink is a Mojito and with 35 miles of beaches you’re sure to have fun.

Daytona Beach, Florida

First Girls Gone Wild then MTV; spring break teenage debauchery pretty much sprung from Daytona Beach. This is probably where your mom and pop really met for the first time. Relax and party on the 23 miles of beaches, then have the favorite local drink a Pina Colada. Also, with a great boy-girl ratio you can’t go wrong!

Los Angeles, California

Austrian bodybuilder becomes 38th Governor of California?! Dang, anything is possible here. Oil up, ride the waves and cruise this palm-fringed town where everyone can feel a million dollars. There are over 70 miles of beaches and tons of great clubs to go party at night

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

TIME magazine reported that the innocent athlete training sessions of 1936 became a “Beer & the Beach” bacchanal. Bloody Mary for breakfast anyone? It’s tradition at Fort Liquordale. Drink up as you relax in this warm beach weather.

Spring Break Parties

Spring Break Parties

It does not really matter where you go for spring break; any of the above mentioned destinations is going to give you 24 hour parties, with sexy girls, hot guys, bikinis and loud music. All of the above have the standard bikini contests, dancing, beach parties and incredible assortment of night life activities.

However there are a few parties that are worth mentioning that really take things to the limit.

Electro Beach Spring Break 2013 in Vallarta

Electro Beach Puerto Vallarta will add to the already legendary nightlife PV is known for by bringing in some of the biggest acts Electronic Dance Music has to offer. Last year’s talent included huge names like Avicii, Tiesto, Chuckie, Laidback Luke, Calvin Harris and many more! Stay tuned to see who the big announcements will be for this year.

MTV Spring Break Party Headquarters

MTV has not announced the surprise location of their party headquarters but when they do you can bet that the  tinV has planned the wildest party. For the last two years MTV have set up headquarters in Las Vegas. We’re waiting for the announcement on the location for this year. If you are lucky enough to get tickets to this event you are going to have the time of your life.

Spring Break Fashion

As always the main weapon of choice for Spring Break is the Bikini and the skimpier the better.

Vibrant solids and animal prints are in this year in a host of brilliant colors.

The first item getting top 10 points is the thong bikini and g string bikinis. The leopard print g string is among the most popular as seen on the cover of Bikini Magazine. You can count on thousands of thong clad girls strutting their stunning figures at the beach, poolside and parties.

Leopard Teeny G-String

Teeny Taffy G-String

Barcelona Thong Bikini

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 The second item is the string bikini and again the skimpiest the better, Scoop front low rise bikinis are the norm with string tops but the halter bikini is showing an impressive come back.

Panama City Bikini

Tangy Taffy Tie

Bare Bones Bikini

Sexy Straps Bikini

Gold Chic Braided

Jazzy Metallic Tie

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The underwire bikini has aggressively grown in popularity and mix and match tops and bottoms are in.

Beach Blanket Underwire

Island Fever Belted

Black and White Calypso

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The one item that has shown the most increase in popularity is the super sexy one piece thong that seems to have taken hold as a super sexy beach fashion swimsuit.

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As for cover ups, low rise pants, and sheer see through cover ups are in offering protection from the afternoon sun.

The one cover up that is really going to be popular this year is the floor length tie sarong and tie top. Sales on this fashion item have already topped the charts for this upcoming spring break season.

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Top 10 Spring Break Party Universities

1. Florida State University Panama City

Did you really expect anything other than Panama City Beach to claim the number one spot? Known for years as the ultimate destination for Spring Breakers, it capitalizes on entertaining high school and college students throughout the months of March and April.

2. University of Miami

Welcome to Miami, Bienvenido a Miami. It doesn’t matter that Will Smith’s “Miami” is over a decade old, it can still be heard on the white, sandy beaches of Miami and South Beach.

3. University of Texas-Pan American

Believe it or not, South Padre Island isn’t just an island dedicated to the art of “spring breaking.” Not only do real people (i.e., not high school and college students) live and work here, but they also go to school here too.

4. University of California San Diego

San Diego is well-known for having some of the country’s most perfect weather so it’s no surprise that it’s a top Spring Break destination. In addition to the sunshine and sea, there are also plenty of other sites to see in San Diego.

5. University of Nevada Las Vegas

There is a reason that MTV Spring Break has picked Las Vegas, Nevada as its Spring Break headquarters for the second year in a row. With the plethora of casinos, live shows and incredible restaurants, it’s easy to forget about school for a week and just enjoy some time off.

Though Las Vegas is known for fun, there are nearly 30,000 residents who opt for the classrooms at University of Nevada Las Vegas over the Strip.

 6. Colorado Mountain College

While Big Sky, Montana is a cheaper option for students who want to spend Spring Break surfing on a fresh blanket of snow, Breckenridge, Colorado is, by far, a more popular option.

7. Montana State University

So maybe sand and surf isn’t your thing. Fortunately, there are several top 10 Spring Break destinations that showcase the next best thing: snow. If you’re all for hitting the slopes, check out Big Sky, Montana.

Although Big Sky is secluded in the mountains, Montana State University rests in the foothills and is attended by over 10,000 undergraduate students.

8. Coastal Carolina University

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina isn’t the first place one thinks of when planning Spring Break, but students traveling to the Palmetto State won’t have to fight the Floridian crowds and will still get the same amount of sun and sand.

9. Tulane University

New Orleans is known throughout the country as an epicenter of fun, and that’s not just because it’s a big Spring Break destination. The city also attracts thousands of college students in February, during the city’s Mardi Gras celebrations.

10. University of Puerto Rico

If you happen to make an island getaway this Spring Break, Puerto Rico is one of the top 10 choices in the U.S. In addition to being home to Ricky Martin, whose music was every student’s Spring Break soundtrack back in the day, it’s also home to the University of Puerto Rico, which has 11 locations across the island.

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Mexico Travel – Spring Break

Travelling To Mexico – Spring Break

Spring Break Mexico TravelOver 100,000 American teenagers and young adults travel to resort areas throughout Mexico over Spring Break each year. While the vast majority enjoys their vacation without incident, several may die, hundreds will be arrested, and still more will make mistakes that could affect them for the rest of their lives. Using some common sense will help travelers avoid these unpleasant and dangerous situations.

We encourage all U.S. citizens to phone home periodically to assure family members of your safety and inform them of your whereabouts. Remember, whether you travel to Mexico by land, air, or sea, you are entering a foreign country and are subject to the laws and customs regulations of Mexico.

Entry Requirements

Effective January 23, 2007, ALL persons, including U.S. citizens, traveling by air to the United States from Mexico, Canada, Central and South America, the Caribbean, and Bermuda will be required to present a valid passport, (or if applicable, an Alien Registration Card, form I-551, Air NEXUS card, or U.S. Coast Guard Merchant Mariner Document), to enter or re-enter the United States. American citizens can visit http://travel.state.gov or call 1-877-4USA-PPT (1-877-487-2778) for information on applying for a U.S. passport. Please see Mexico’s Country Specific Information for complete entry requirements.

Mexican Law

While traveling in Mexico, American citizens are subject to Mexican law. An arrest or accident in Mexico can result in a difficult legal or medical situation, sometimes at a great expense to the traveler. Mexican law can impose harsh penalties for violations that would be considered minor in the United States, and U.S. citizenship in no way exempts one from full prosecution under the Mexican criminal justice system. If U.S. citizens find themselves in legal trouble, they should contact the closest U.S. Consulate, U.S. Consular Agency, or the U.S. Embassy in Mexico City. (see “Contact Information” below). U.S. consular officials in Mexico can visit detained American citizens in prison, provide information about the Mexican legal system, and furnish a list of Mexican attorneys, among other assistance. U.S. Consular officials cannot arrange for Mexican officials to release detained American citizens.

Alcohol and Drugs

Excessive alcohol consumption and unruly behavior can lead to serious problems with Mexican authorities. Alcohol is involved in the vast majority of arrests, accidents, violent crimes, rapes, and deaths suffered by American students on Spring Break. Disturbing the peace, lewd or indecent behavior, littering, driving under the influence, drinking on the street or on public transportation, using public transportation without payment, or making obscene or insulting remarks are all considered criminal activities by Mexican authorities. The importation, purchase, possession or use of drugs can incur severe penalties, including imprisonment without bail for up to a year before a case is tried, and imprisonment of several years following a conviction. All individuals 16 years of age or older are tried as adults.

Beach Attire

For the most part Thongs are acceptable in Mexico, Some resorts restrict them so check first, as for topless, the same rule applies topless is acceptable on the beaches as long as you don’t flaunt it, if it becomes offensive or bothersome, you will be asked to cover up.

Safety and Security

Standards of security, safety, and supervision may not reach the levels expected in the United States. This has contributed to the deaths of U.S. citizens in automobile accidents, after falls from balconies or into unmarked ditches, by drowning in the ocean as well as in hotel pools, and in water-sports mishaps, among others.

Warning flags on beaches should be taken seriously. If black or red flags are up, do not enter the water. Strong undertow and rough surf are common along beaches throughout Mexico, especially on the Pacific coast, and drownings have occurred when swimmers have been overwhelmed by conditions. Swimming pool drain systems may not comply with U.S. safety standards and swimmers should exercise caution. Do not swim in pools or at beaches without lifeguards. Do not dive into unknown bodies of water, because hidden rocks or shallow depths can cause serious injury or death. If you choose to swim, always exercise extreme caution.

Use only the licensed and regulated “sitio” (SEE-tee-oh) taxis. Some illegitimate taxi drivers are, in fact, criminals in search of victims; users of these taxis have been robbed, kidnapped, and/or raped. Hotels, clubs and restaurants will summon a sitio taxi upon request.

Firearms and Knives

It is best not to carry even a pocketknife into Mexico as this can result in a weapons charge if a knife is found on a traveler who is arrested for a separate offense. Visitors driving across the border should ensure that their vehicles contain no firearms or ammunition. Mexico imposes harsh penalties for bringing as little as one bullet across its borders.

Renting and Operating Vehicles and other Equipment

Visitors should exercise caution when renting vehicles, including jet skis and mopeds. Many are not serviced and in poor condition, and many are uninsured or under-insured. Read rental contracts carefully to be sure your own insurance will cover you in the event of an accident, if the rental company’s insurance is not adequate. Drivers of any vehicle, including jet skis and mopeds, should exercise extreme caution and ask the rental agency about local laws and procedures before operating the vehicle. The Department of State has received reports of equipment rental operators using locals to form a “mob” to intimidate customers into paying exorbitant amounts for damage to rented equipment.

Operators of any vehicle that causes damage to other vehicles or injuries to other people may be arrested and held in custody until full payment is made, either in cash or through insurance.

Driving in Mexico

American citizens planning on driving to Mexico should carry a valid driver’s license at all times. U.S. driver’s licenses are valid in Mexico. Mexican law requires that vehicles be driven only by their owners, or that the owner be inside the vehicle. If not, the car may be seized by Mexican customs and will not be returned under any circumstances. We strongly recommend that you purchase a full coverage insurance policy that will cover the cost of bail. Please be aware that if you are involved in an automobile accident, you will be taken into police custody until it is determined who is at fault and whether you have the ability to pay any penalty.

Know Before You Go

The following cities and areas are some traditional destinations in Mexico for travelers on Spring Break. While other resort areas may not be as well-known for this type of travel, the advice contained here still applies:

Acapulco: Drug-related violence has been increasing in Acapulco. Although this violence is not targeted at foreign residents or tourists, U.S. citizens in these areas should be vigilant in their personal safety.

Avoid swimming outside the bay area. Several American citizens have died while swimming in rough surf at the Revolcadero Beach near Acapulco.

Cabo San Lucas: Beaches on the Pacific side of the Baja California Peninsula at Cabo San Lucas are dangerous due to rip tides and rogue waves; hazardous beaches in this area are clearly marked in English and Spanish.

Cancun, Playa del Carmen and Cozumel: Cancun is a fairly large city, approaching 500,000 inhabitants, with increasing reports of crime. Crimes against the person, such as rape, commonly but not exclusively occur at night or in the early morning hours, and often involve alcohol and the nightclub environment. Therefore, it is important to travel in pairs or groups, be aware of surroundings, and take general precautions. To protect against property crimes, valuables should be left in a safe place or not brought at all. If you are a victim of a crime, immediately notify the U.S. Consular Agency in Cancun, Playa del Carmen or Cozumel or the U.S. Consulate in Merida at the telephone numbers provided below.

If you rent a moped or other vehicle in Cancun, it is advisable to purchase third-party insurance, as the insurance offered on some credit cards will not cover you in Mexico. Should you have an accident or cause damage to the vehicle, you may be required to pay the full amount of any repairs, in cash, as determined by the rental agency, or face arrest.

In Cancun, there is often a very strong undertow along the beach from the Hyatt Regency all the way south to Club Med. Already this season, several U.S. citizens have drowned when overwhelmed by ocean conditions. In Cozumel, several drownings and near-drownings have been reported on the east coast, particularly in the Playa San Martin-Chen Rio area.

Matamoros/South Padre Island: The Mexican border cities of Matamoros and Nuevo Progresso are located 30 to 45 minutes south of the major Spring Break destination of South Padre Island, Texas. Travelers to the Mexican border should be especially aware of safety and security concerns due to increased violence in recent years between rival drug trafficking gangs competing for control of narcotics smuggling routes. While it is unlikely that American visitors would get caught up in this violence, travelers should exercise common-sense precautions such as visiting only the well-traveled business and tourism areas of border towns during daylight and early-evening hours.

Mazatlan: While the beach town of Mazatlan is a relatively safe place to visit, travelers should use common sense and exercise normal precautions when visiting an unfamiliar location. Avoid walking the streets alone after dark, when petty crimes are much more common. Beaches can have very strong undertows and rogue waves. Swimmers should obey warning signs placed along the beaches which indicate dangerous ocean conditions.

Nogales/Sonora: Puerto Peñasco, a.k.a. “Rocky Point,” is located in northern Sonora, 60 miles from the U.S. border, and is accessible by car. The majority of accidents that occur at this Spring Break destination are caused by individuals driving under the influence of alcohol. Travelers should exercise particular caution on unpaved roads, especially in beach areas.

Oaxaca City: There have been ongoing demonstrations and protests in Oaxaca City due to civil unrest since June 2006. Several groups have engaged in violent demonstrations in Oaxaca City, which resulted in the death of an American citizen in October 2006. Prior to traveling to Oaxaca City, U.S. citizens should monitor the U.S. Embassy in Mexico City’s web site, http://mexico.usembassy.gov/mexico/citizen_services.html, as well as http://travel.state.gov for the most up to date Safety and Security information. U.S. citizens should avoid participating in demonstrations and other activities that might be deemed political by the Mexican authorities. The Mexican Constitution prohibits political activities by foreigners, and such actions may result in detention and/or deportation.

Spring Break Bikinis Mexico Bikinis Bikinis For Spring BreakOaxaca (coastal): There have been a number of drownings along the beaches of the southern coast of Oaxaca, namely Zipolite Beach. Professional lifeguard training has contributed to a drop in fatalities, but swimmers are advised that currents can quickly become treacherous, even for accomplished swimmers.

Tijuana: Tijuana has one of the busiest land border crossings in the world. The beach towns of Rosarito and Ensenada also attract a large number of tourists. Drinking alcoholic beverages excessively on a public street is prohibited.

Tijuana boasts a large number of pharmacies; to buy any controlled medication (e.g. Valium, Vicodin, Placidyl, Morphine, Demorol, and Ativan, etc), a prescription from a Mexican federally registered physician is required. Possession of controlled medications without a Mexican doctor’s prescription is a serious crime and can lead to arrest. The prescription must have a seal and serial number. Under no other circumstances should an individual purchase prescription medicines.


Two well differenced seasons can be noticed in Mexico: the dry season (from late November to early June) that is also the high tourist season, and the rainy season (from June to November), showing torrential though brief rainfalls which mainly take place by the afternoons.

Within Mexico City the weather is dry and mild. Mornings and nights are usually fresh, unlike the afternoons which are usually warmer. Mornings and nights use to be fresh, unlike afternoons when temperatures rise to warmer degrees. Average temperatures between December and March is 20° C, while during the warmer months (April and March) thermometers can go up to 31° C. Afternoon rains usually pour during July and August, they can happen to fall every single day but will rarely last for more than two hours.

On the other hand, the arid and very large Baja California (1.300 kilometres) shows a warm weather around the area of the restless City of Tijuana. Mexicali is very hot indeed, alike La Paz and San Lucas Cape, but humidity rates are higher in the latter cities.

By general rule, in the California Peninsula rainfalls are scarce and few between September and March, although high temperatures predominate in this area, eventually reaching 48°C.

Around the northern territories of Mexico temperatures are quite severe. The vast flatlands framed by the peaks of the Occidental and Oriental Sierra Madre Ridge are arid and hot, showing some very high temperatures during summer (late June to early November), when thermometers can easily get to show numbers above 38° C.

Weather conditions can utterly vary within the mountainous areas of northern Mexico, where winter seasons are very cold (late December to early March), usually freezing during the night time.

In the Pacific Coastline, summer temperatures borders 35° C around the southern areas (Mazatlán or Puerto Vallarta) and 30° C in the northern areas (Guaymas). On winter time, these temperatures would usually decrease in some 10°C.

The fecund lands and thick jungles in the Yucatan Peninsula and Southern Mexico are characterised for their high temperatures and rainy areas. Within this geographical zone is located Cancún, a beach resort that shows a very hot climate throughout the year, and Acapulco, which shows a yearly temperature average of 32 centigrade degrees.

In the San Cristóbal de las Casas (Chiapas) mountain ridge, climate is colder and drier. Oaxaca, at about 1.500 m.a.s.l., temperature can drop to 0° C during winter nights, rising to 38° C in the summer season.