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Jennifer Nicole Lee Sexy In Her Bikini

Jennifer Nicole Lee Bikini Body Beautiful

JENNIFER NICOLE LEE in BikinisBest-selling author, motivational mega-force, and bikini lover Jennifer Nicole Lee recently celebrated her 1,000 video on her YouTube Channel at Jennifer Nicole Lee recently inked the deal with StyleMeFit to take over her channel, which is full of fitness, fashion, and food tips to help the modern day mom and wife achieve their lifestyle dreams. JNL’s multi-media team divided up the 1,000 videos into different playlists, which are JNL Fusion, Fitness Model Factory, Fun Fit Foodie Recipes from JNL’s Cookbook, Modeling & BTS (Behind The Scenes), and also for the bikini fan JNL’s Bikini Mania Playlist.

JNL enjoys producing YouTube’s that help inspire her fitness friends and worldwide fans. “Its my goal and passion to increase the quality of everyone’s lifestyle. So if someone smiles, laughs, gets excited, or happy while viewing my vids-then I have succeeded.”

With no sign of slowing down, Jennifer Nicole Lee is now embarking on her big beauty secret, with rumor having she will be soon opening up a Beauty & Wellness Center in either Los Angeles or Miami. She is also hosting Sweat AC in Atlantic City, where one can meet their fitness idol. She is then off to Las Vegas for the world’s largest fitness expo, entitled Mr. Olympia Sept 28th-29th. JNL will then be jetting back to the other side of the US, as she hosts her JNL Worldwide produced NYC Fitness Model Factory 1 Day Mega Event in Manhattan to some very lucky hand selected applicants. Ending her tour of celebrity appearances, Jennifer Nicole Lee will be then hosting her Miami Beach Fitness Model Factory 1 Day Mega Event on South Beach on November 11, 2013. With dates already booked into the new year of 2013, JNL will be certifying women and personal trainers who have come in from around the world to Miami, Florida Jan 18-21st 2013 in her JNL Fusion Workout method.

Jennifer Nicole Lee looks stunning in her string bikinis



With so many events in her future, there is sure to be 1,000 more videos of JNL inspiring, motivating, training many to be their very best. To join the masses who have subscribed to her channel, please visit

Jennifer Nicole Lee

Sensuous Shoulders – Bikini Body

Sensuous Shoulders

Sexy Sensious ShouldersDid you know that you can beautify your bustline, slenderize your waist, slim your hips, highlight the lines of your neck and back—and improve your posture by strengthening, shaping and toning your shoulders? It’s true. So, if you are willing to devote some time to a shoulder shape-up plan, a more attractive figure can be yours.

To understand how seductive shoulders flatter your figure, stand naked in front of a full-length mirror and examine your physique. As your eyes glide over your body, focus on the dramatic interplay of your contours and how they determine your body’s symmetry. Pay particular attention to the impact your shoulders have on your proportions. Now picture yourself in a strapless dress. Notice how your shoulders are the first part of your body to capture your attention.

Shapely shoulders can enhance the appearance of your bustline. The female breasts consist mainly of glandular tissue – no muscle – so you can’t augment your breasts with exercise. But, if you strengthen and tone the supporting muscles located beneath your breasts (pectorals), you can create an uplifted and exquisitely contoured chest. That’s because your frontal deltoids form a continuous line with your pectorals, and I have found this to be one of the best-kept figure-flattering secrets out there.

The desire for a small waist has existed since the invention of the corset, and you can minimize your waistline by strengthening and shaping your shoulders. Shoulder exercises can help to balance your proportions, and toned shoulders help your body to develop more of a “V” shape. Statuesque shoulders can create the impression of a more slender waist.

Women frequently complain about being ‘pear shaped,’ so if you fit into this category, you can balance your figure with strength-training exercises for your shoulders. When the outer lines of your shoulders are fuller and well-defined, your hips take on a narrower appearance. A flowing line exists between the muscles of your neck and the muscles connecting the upper vertebral column as well as your back muscles. Your shoulder muscles (deltoids) serve as a focal point along this line, so shapely shoulders harmoniously blend the muscular contours of your neck and upper back with those of your middle and lower back. This is likely the explanation for the popularity of the “big shoulder pads” fashion trend of the 1980s.

During the 1980s more than 250 million viewers tuned into a nighttime soap called ‘Dynasty’; and many did so to see the eye-catching fashion designs, which included dresses and suits with enormous shoulder pads. The trend caught on because women discovered that over-emphasized shoulders improved the appearance of their waistline and hips. So, shoulder pads became an accessory. Fashion designers know the importance of shoulders when it comes to accentuating the female form. And although ‘football pad shoulders’ are no longer in vogue (at least for the time being), the appearance of the shoulders is considered a fashion focus. Developing sexy shoulders will compliment your bikini body and keep you red-carpet ready.

Perfect posture and well-toned shoulder muscles go hand in hand. If your shoulder muscles are weak and inflexible, you stand a good chance of developing a ‘round-shouldered’ appearance, which is sometimes accompanied by a sunken chest and protruding shoulder blades. This can take away from your appearance and affect the way you look in clothing. But, strengthening the muscles in the region surrounding your shoulder blades (teres major, infraspinatus, levator scapulae and rhomboideus) will help. These muscles indirectly affect the pectorals by acting as an opposing muscle group. So, strengthening these muscles can help to uplift your pectorals, which gives your body some very nice looking upper-body contours. It’s all good!

Stop and think about it … shoulders are sexy. A strap falling loosely on the shoulders is extraordinarily sensuous; and strapless dresses and/or tops that feature one bare shoulder are absolutely heavenly. So, when you put your shoulders into focus, don’t forget to pamper your skin. (For healthy skin tips, see Bikini Body Fitness “Healthy Soft Skin”.)

I have had great results with simple shoulder exercises. I’ve discovered that it isn’t necessary to make things complicated. So, I encourage you to keep your shoulders strong and toned with shoulder exercises. As with any exercise routine, be sure to have your doctor’s approval—and never push yourself to the point of pain. Keep your movements smooth and controlled, and remember to breathe. Another important tip—especially for shoulder exercises—is to keep your jaw relaxed. This keeps the tension and strain out of your neck. (I will keep reminding you about this because it is important.)

I do not believe it is necessary to use heavy weights or overtraining to achieve good results. If you learn how to use the art of focus and concentration along with breathing and visualization, you can take your results to new heights. In bodybuilding it’s called: adding intensity to your workouts. The idea is to avoid distractions and stay focused directly on the muscles you are working. It’s an effective method.

A good workout for developing nicely shaped shoulders is Yoga. One of my favorite Yoga postures is Downward Facing Dog (Adho Mukha Svanasana). This exercise is probably the most widely-known Yoga pose. It is considered by Yoga experts to be a rejuvenating stretch, and I have found it to be a good overall exercise for improving strength and flexibility in many areas, including the shoulders. I am an avid Yoga fan for improved health and wellness. It does wonderful things for your body when performed properly. So, if you haven’t tried Yoga yet, I suggest giving it a try. Be sure to find a qualified Yoga teacher, and bear in mind there are many forms of Yoga, so you’ll want to find the style that’s right for you.

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Sensuous Shoulders – Bikini BodySexy Shoulders Fitness

Strength Training for Bikini Beauty

Strength Training for Bikini Beauty

You can enhance the shape of your body with strength training exercises. I did it – and you can too.

Weight Lifting Bikini BodyStrength training refers to any exercise that requires your muscles to exert force against resistance. It is often associated with men or competitive athletes. But getting stronger can make your body toned and shapely. Women can enjoy the benefits of strength training without having to worry about bulking up.

Testosterone is the controlling factor, and most women have such a small amount of this hormone that they won’t develop big muscles. That doesn’t mean your body won’t change. It will. You’ll build tone, strength and endurance.

The nice thing about strength training is that you can see and feel results quickly, and you don’t have to spend a fortune to do it. It’s amazing how much you can do with a set of dumbbells. I like using dumbbells because they allow for a full range of motion. This gives shape and contour to your muscles. Plus, working out with dumbbells or “free weights” allows you to target trouble spots. If you do strength training exercises 2-3 times per week for 20 minutes you will improve your appearance — and your level of fitness.

Another benefit of strength training is the way it builds confidence.

When I first started strength training I used one-pound dumbbells. I had purchased a book about women’s bodybuilding and followed the exercises in the book. I will never forget how good it made me feel to “pump iron” – even though I was pumping only a total of two pounds. But, it was the mindset that mattered. And I got results. I had purchased weight gloves and a weight belt at the time, too, and the way I strutted around the gym you would have thought I was lifting 200 pounds! This strong and confident attitude carried over to my life outside of the gym.

Once you become comfortable with smaller weights you can build up gradually. Increasing resistance every 2-3 weeks works well. This is what I did and within a year I was able to lift heavier weights. But I discovered, over time, that lifting heavy weights wasn’t necessary. I found that I could stay toned and strong by using lighter weights and higher repetitions. The secret to getting quick and effective results is using slow controlled movements combined with focused attention on the muscles you are working.

If you visualize yourself becoming stronger and more toned with each repetition, you will achieve just that. You don’t need to lift heavy weights unless you are planning to become a competitive bodybuilder or power lifter. I am

a former competitive bodybuilder and weight lifter, but to this day my favorite set of dumbbells is a 10 pound set. I suggest keeping a journal when you begin strength training because it is fun to review your progress. And remember to write down your goals.

Experts say that writing down your goals creates the roadmap to your success. It represents a commitment. According to“Only about 5% of the population actually takes the time to write down their goals and dreams. Maybe that is why so few people actually are living the life they would like to be living.” So in addition to pumping iron — don’t forget to pump your pen.

You have more than 600 muscles in your body. Muscle tone and strength naturally diminishes with age. The medical term for this is sarcopenia. It is believed that muscle strength peaks during your 20s and then slowly declines into your 30s. You need muscle tone and strength to perform everyday tasks, and you need it for overall balance and bone density. According to Mayo Clinic Women’s HealthSource: “…much, if not most, of the decrease in muscle mass that occurs with age appears to be related to reduced physical activity.”

Strength training helps to maintain a significant amount of muscle mass as you age. It is never too late to start. The idea is to strengthen all of the muscle groups. Elastic resistance bands, small dumbbells—or even cans of vegetables can be used to build strength and offset the effects of aging. I like using resistance machines at the gym, too, but find what works for you. Consistency is the key.

Before starting any exercise program get the OK from your doctor. Afterwards, begin slowly. Here are some strength training tips:

— Warm up with light cardio for about 10 minutes. I usually do brisk walking or stationary biking. After your warm up, do some stretching. Stretching prepares your joints for motion.

— Strive to work all of the muscle groups, but avoid working the same muscle groups on consecutive days. For example, you can perform upper body exercises one day, and then do lower body exercises on another. This method is called a “split routine.” It helps to focus your energy on a few body parts instead of having to focus on your entire body. But it depends how much time you have available. When I have a hectic schedule I do a full-body routine. There is no need to over-train, but it’s good to challenge yourself. Give the specific muscles you have worked one full day of rest after each session. This gives your muscles time to recover.

— Perform 10-15 repetitions of each exercise. I usually do 2 sets of 6 different exercises.

— Perform each exercise with slow, controlled movements. Never rush.

— Remember to breathe. I suggest breathing in sync with your movements…it helps with the flow. Generally, the technique is inhale when starting – and exhale when releasing. Use a 4 count, such as…4-count up – and then 4-count down. Count slowly. Maintain good form and technique. This will maximize your benefits.

— Choose weight resistance that tires your muscles after about 12 reps. If you can’t perform 8 repetitions it means the weight is too heavy. If you can easily do 12 repetition of a particular exercise, try increasing the resistance.

— When working with weights stay focused. This is not the time to chat or fool around. Keep your concentration. You’ll get better results and you’ll avoid injury.

— Maintain good postural alignment. If you are standing, keep the knees soft. Keep your feet planted firmly on the ground. Don’t slouch.

— You can use your body weight as resistance. I like push ups. You can do them on your knees as long as you don’t have knee problems. They are good for building upper-body strength.

— Resistance bands or “stretch bands” are fun to use and they’re inexpensive. You can find them in a variety of colors and tensions. Plus, they’re great for traveling because they are light and easy to transport.

— Stop if you feel pain. Mild muscle soreness is normal, but if you experience pain or swelling — stop.

— Good nutrition goes a long way. Eat balanced meals. Add a variety of colors to your plate. Lean protein, nuts and legumes help to build strong muscles.

Start strength training now. I strongly recommend it


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