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Jennifer Nicole Lee Bikini Body Beautiful

JENNIFER NICOLE LEE in BikinisBest-selling author, motivational mega-force, and bikini lover Jennifer Nicole Lee recently celebrated her 1,000 video on her YouTube Channel at Jennifer Nicole Lee recently inked the deal with StyleMeFit to take over her channel, which is full of fitness, fashion, and food tips to help the modern day mom and wife achieve their lifestyle dreams. JNL’s multi-media team divided up the 1,000 videos into different playlists, which are JNL Fusion, Fitness Model Factory, Fun Fit Foodie Recipes from JNL’s Cookbook, Modeling & BTS (Behind The Scenes), and also for the bikini fan JNL’s Bikini Mania Playlist.

JNL enjoys producing YouTube’s that help inspire her fitness friends and worldwide fans. “Its my goal and passion to increase the quality of everyone’s lifestyle. So if someone smiles, laughs, gets excited, or happy while viewing my vids-then I have succeeded.”

With no sign of slowing down, Jennifer Nicole Lee is now embarking on her big beauty secret, with rumor having she will be soon opening up a Beauty & Wellness Center in either Los Angeles or Miami. She is also hosting Sweat AC in Atlantic City, where one can meet their fitness idol. She is then off to Las Vegas for the world’s largest fitness expo, entitled Mr. Olympia Sept 28th-29th. JNL will then be jetting back to the other side of the US, as she hosts her JNL Worldwide produced NYC Fitness Model Factory 1 Day Mega Event in Manhattan to some very lucky hand selected applicants. Ending her tour of celebrity appearances, Jennifer Nicole Lee will be then hosting her Miami Beach Fitness Model Factory 1 Day Mega Event on South Beach on November 11, 2013. With dates already booked into the new year of 2013, JNL will be certifying women and personal trainers who have come in from around the world to Miami, Florida Jan 18-21st 2013 in her JNL Fusion Workout method.

Jennifer Nicole Lee looks stunning in her string bikinis



With so many events in her future, there is sure to be 1,000 more videos of JNL inspiring, motivating, training many to be their very best. To join the masses who have subscribed to her channel, please visit

Jennifer Nicole Lee

How to Read and Speak Body Talk

How to Read and Speak Body Talk

As a model you speak to the camera with poses and expressions; now learn how to read other people’s body talk

Body LanguageMovements, gestures, eye contact and facial expressions are ways we use our bodies to communicate. We all know a person who walks tall, head up, shoulders back and making eye contact is conveying they are open to communication; while the person who shuffles along with head hanging and eyes on the ground probably wants to be left alone.

Smiles show we’re friendly. Smiling constantly while you’re talking, or listening, looks like you’re hiding something. An appropriate smile shows you’re interested in your subject or a good listener. A slight tilt to your head sends the signal that you’re interested in hearing what this person has to say. Eye contact is very important when you’re speaking to someone. It’s especially important that men make eye contact with you when you’re speaking—it shows he’s really interest in what you have to say and getting to know you.

People who constantly look around are not good talkers or listeners. Worse, they may be lying. Stiff posture, fidgeting, covering the mouth, face touching, hiding the hands and sudden leg or arm crossing are signs that a person is not being truthful. These are important signs to watch for in any sales situation, and also when you’re getting to know someone new.

Body Etiquette at Bars

Crossing the arms is a defensive posture. It may be perfectly appropriate, especially when you don’t have pockets and are just standing around waiting your turn in line. But if you do it suddenly during a conversation you are sending a strong message to the speaker to back off.

When you’re in a social situation where you’d like to meet someone, looking comfortable in your environment is important, but not nearly as important as eye contact. If you want to let him know you’d like to strike up a conversation, eye contact accompanied by a simple flip of your hair, touch to your ear or smile is usually all that’s needed.

Exposing your neck is another major way you can use body language to show interest. The neck is one of the most sensual parts that you can expose in public. Flinging your hair, or lifting your hair and making sure your neck is showing is one of the most common and recognized ways to show interest.

Crossing your legs can be another hit if the man is perceptive. While leg-crossing is often a way to show disinterest by setting up a symbolic barrier, it can also be a way to show interest. If your toes point toward the man while your legs are crossed it’s said to be an invitation. If they point away, however, it is a sign of disinterest.

Subtle touching is also an ideal way to show interest. While talking to him, gently touch his arm periodically to show that you are drawn to him. If you are too shy for that, touch something of his that is nearby, such as his drink glass.

Body language interpretation can be a critical tool for reading between the lines and making you a more perceptive person. It takes practice, and you need to read all the signals, as well as the person’s posture, dress and then put it in the context of the environment you’re in. If you’re able to master all the nuances you will be able to make a fantastic first impression every time, steer clear of deals that sound too good to be true, and pick good candidates for friends or lovers.

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