1000 Plus Bikini Clad Skiers Attempt to Break World Record

1000 Plus Bikini Clad Skiers Attempt World Record

1000 Skiers attempt to set world record in bikinisOver 1000 brave souls showed up and bared all in the latest attempt to break the previous world record of 500 skiers wearing nothing but their bikinis in 2013 in  Sheregesh, Russia for the most bikini clad skiers skiing down a ski hill.

The Black Sea resort of Sochi in Russia which was the home to the 2014 Olympics was the optimum location for this thrilling event.

The daring participants stripped down to their summer beach attire and set out to break the previous world record more than doubling the record set in 2013.

Over 1000 participants took part in this event, unofficial totals are estimated in excess of 1800 skiers took part in this chilling record setting event.



Hannah Davis Gives Americans a solute in a tiny red bikini

Hannah Davis Gives Americans a solute in a tiny red bikini against the USA Start Spangled Banner Red White and Blue  flag just in time for the 4th of July.

SOS_HANNAH_DAVIS_05_134_FF (1).jpg

“Happy birthday, America! You look good for 239,” she lovingly says to the camera, wrapping herself with the American flag.


Check out the Sports Illustrated sneak preview video too.









Kelly Brook Bikini Perfect Pics

Kelly Brook looks amazing in her Bikini Pics

Kelly Brook is not just another pretty face, she is a fascinating woman that has not only Kelly Brooks Sexy Bikini Picturesestablished herself as a model, pinup girl, actress and writer but has also earned her place in the business world. Born on Nov. 23 1979, this 34 year old beauty has those beautiful curves that we think makes her one of the most beautiful bikini models in the world. She is one of those sizzling curvaceous women with a body that was made to wear bikinis. We give Kelly a perfect “10”

If you don’t believe us, check Kelly out for yourself.


Kate Upton Zero Gravity

Kate Upton – Zero Gravity Photos and Video

We have always been a huge fan of Kate Upton. She is an all natural, down to earth absolutely stunning Kate Upton Bikini Beautiful All Natural Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Modelwoman and we are so pleased that she is once again will gtrace the pages in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Magazine. This is a special year for the highly famous magazine as it is celebrating its 50th year anniversary in circulation.

Well Kate Upton teamed with Sports Illustrated have out done themselves again. Kate may not have made the cover of Sports Illustrated this year but she may have done better, she is on the inside of the cover and we must say WOW.

For the 50th anniversary of the Sports Illustrate Swimsuit Issue, they have really pulled together a work of art that is well worth picking up at your nearest news stand.

Take a look at the shots from the Sports Illustrate Zero Gravity photo shoot taken in a specially modified Boeing 727 owned and operated by the Zero G Experience.

During the photo shoot Kate is in a zero gravity zone allowing her to weightlessly float in the air seemingly free as a bird.

The zero gravity experience is achieved by having the modified 727 perform a number of parabolic curves or arcs, the pilot draws the aircraft up at 45 degrees to 34,000 feet, then descends at an extremely fast rate causing the zero gravity effect or weightlessness for about 30 seconds.

Take a look at the Sports Illustrated Video and photos below and get a taste of what’s in store for you when you pick up your copy of the Sports Illustrate Swimsuit Issue.

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