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Warning – Beware Of Older Bikini Swimsuits

Beware Of Older Bikinis and Swimsuits

Bikini Line Irritation Beware of older bikinis and one piece swimsuits – Have you ever been swimming then gotten out of the water and your swimsuit seems to stay wet. The next thing you know you have an itchy irritating possibly sore ugly rash. This rash is caused by bacteria being trapped against your skin for extended periods of time. In addition this rash can also cause further complications especially for women.  Just to mention woman that have recently shaved or waxed their bikini line area are further at risk because the skin is vulnerable.

Bikinis and one piece swimsuits over time lose their water resistant tendencies. In other words if you don’t take care of your bikinis and one piece swimsuits properly or if they are simply aged, you could be at risk and here is why.

When your swimwear is new, the material is treated with a waterproofing that stops the swimsuit from soaking up water. The waterproofing allows the swimsuit to dry within minutes after leaving the water.

If you swimsuit is old or is not taken care of properly it can cause problems. Because the swimsuit is not drying correctly and quickly, it is allowing bacteria that is in the water to stay trapped against your skin for extended periods of time. Don’t think for one minute you are safe if you only swim in a pool. Public pools and hot tubs especially at resorts are by far the worst offenders when it comes to bacteria and swimsuits. The ocean has natural bacteria but is not bacteria generated from the human factors.

If your swimsuit dry’s correctly and quickly, the environment for the bacteria to cause problems and multiply is eliminated and your risk is reduced by over 90 percent of having any problems and if you do have a problem it will likely be extremely minor to the point you may not even notice.

What is the solution, don’t wear old or mis-treated swimwear in the water. If you must, take it off immediately after leaving the water.

Chlorine is the worst enemy to you swimwear wardrobe, rinse the swimsuit after every exposure to chlorine, roll it in a dry towel and hang to dry.

Don’t leave your swimwear on the floor or throw it in the bathtub to dry in a heap. This not only allows the bacteria to further reproduce but again destroys the waterproofing.

Keep Yourself Safe – Wear Only New, Well Taken Care Of Swimwear –  Especially When Travelling

Bikini Line Warning




Warning – Beware Of Older Bikini Swimsuits



Sun Tanning – Sun Sense

Tanning – Swimwear Sun Sense

Tanning – It’s impossible to separate swimwear from sunshine, so you need to learn some sun-sense. And you can’t begin too young. Many girls living in the sunshine belts are getting serious forms of skin cancer in their teen years.


Protect Yourself when Sun Tanning

There are many reasons skin cancers are on the rise. One is that skin cancer has only become epidemic in the past thirty years, so preventative science is just catching up. The deterioration of conditions in our atmosphere allows more damaging rays to reach the earth’s surface, and our skin. Tanning beds have become more popular than ever, while new evidence indicates the beds may be worse for your skin than natural sun.

Along with skin cancer, indoor sun bathing is commonly believed to cause premature skin aging. A study conducted at Heinrich Heine University in Germany found that sun bathing or tanning bed users had a 2.6 to 3.6 percent increase in an aging related mutation in their skin after just three months than non users. Surprisingly, the study saw the greatest damage in the youngest users.

It has long been believed that heavy exposure to the sun in your teen years increases the incidence of skin cancer in your later years. Especially people who experienced multiple sunburns in their youth.

To Spray or Rub

For nearly half of the past 30 years scientists weren’t even sure which rays, UVA or UVB, where responsible for skin cancers. Sun Protection Factors (SPFs) have also increased from 15 being considered full coverage to 30 and 60 considered full coverage today. During those years when we missed the mark, many people exposed themselves to damaging rays under the false belief they were protected.

New studies now show that spray on sunscreens may be more effective than creams. It is believed that rubbing in sunscreen scatters much of the protection into sweat glands, fine lines and pores, lowering the defense on the actual skin. If you do use rub on sunscreens, it’s best to apply two coats.

The Best Defenses

It is always important to avoid the sun between noon and 2 pm when the sun is strongest. Wear sunscreens and protective clothing, especially for the head, face, back of the neck and ears. Remember that damaging rays can penetrate clothing and windows.

Always use a sunscreen of at least SPF 18 on your face, neck and back of your hands, everyday. When you’re planning outdoor activities, increase protection to at least 30, and try to minimize the amount of time you’re actually in the sun. Since vitamin D3 is produced by the sun, consider a supplement of this vitamin.

Another study has shown people who drink at least two cups of green and black tea may have some natural immunity to skin cancer. Both green and black teas contain antioxidants that help fight UV-induced damage. Tea did not appear to protect people who had exposed themselves to multiple sunburns.

According to recent studies published in Allure magazine, skin creams like Estee Lauder’s Advanced Night Repair Concentrate may actually help repair sun damage. They also found that Dimericine, a new lotion in development, speeds the repair of sun-damaged DNA in skin cells. The lotion, invented by Daniel Yarosh, president of AGI Dermatics says the product may be available within a few years.

In the meanwhile, savvy sun-lovers need to be diligent staying out of the day’s hottest rays, limiting exposure and wearing protective sunscreens and clothing.

Jennifer Nicole Lee Sexy In Her Bikini

Jennifer Nicole Lee Bikini Body Beautiful

JENNIFER NICOLE LEE in BikinisBest-selling author, motivational mega-force, and bikini lover Jennifer Nicole Lee recently celebrated her 1,000 video on her YouTube Channel at Jennifer Nicole Lee recently inked the deal with StyleMeFit to take over her channel, which is full of fitness, fashion, and food tips to help the modern day mom and wife achieve their lifestyle dreams. JNL’s multi-media team divided up the 1,000 videos into different playlists, which are JNL Fusion, Fitness Model Factory, Fun Fit Foodie Recipes from JNL’s Cookbook, Modeling & BTS (Behind The Scenes), and also for the bikini fan JNL’s Bikini Mania Playlist.

JNL enjoys producing YouTube’s that help inspire her fitness friends and worldwide fans. “Its my goal and passion to increase the quality of everyone’s lifestyle. So if someone smiles, laughs, gets excited, or happy while viewing my vids-then I have succeeded.”

With no sign of slowing down, Jennifer Nicole Lee is now embarking on her big beauty secret, with rumor having she will be soon opening up a Beauty & Wellness Center in either Los Angeles or Miami. She is also hosting Sweat AC in Atlantic City, where one can meet their fitness idol. She is then off to Las Vegas for the world’s largest fitness expo, entitled Mr. Olympia Sept 28th-29th. JNL will then be jetting back to the other side of the US, as she hosts her JNL Worldwide produced NYC Fitness Model Factory 1 Day Mega Event in Manhattan to some very lucky hand selected applicants. Ending her tour of celebrity appearances, Jennifer Nicole Lee will be then hosting her Miami Beach Fitness Model Factory 1 Day Mega Event on South Beach on November 11, 2013. With dates already booked into the new year of 2013, JNL will be certifying women and personal trainers who have come in from around the world to Miami, Florida Jan 18-21st 2013 in her JNL Fusion Workout method.

Jennifer Nicole Lee looks stunning in her string bikinis



With so many events in her future, there is sure to be 1,000 more videos of JNL inspiring, motivating, training many to be their very best. To join the masses who have subscribed to her channel, please visit

Jennifer Nicole Lee