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Bikini Body -Your Shape and Health

Bikini Body FitnessMarilyn Monroe’s oozing sexuality is a big reason why the bikini body hourglass figure is still sought after by women and coveted by men. It is actually a rather rare body type, and it may not be the healthiest.

Bikini Body – Determining Body Type

Everyone has heard of Apples and Pears, but the truth is that most women fall somewhere in between. One of the best indicators of body type is your Waist-to-Hip ratio. Calculate this by taking your waist measurement in inches, and divide it by your hip measurement in inches. For example, if you have a waist of 23 inches and hips that are 31 inches, your WHR is .074 (23 divided by 31 = .074), which is a Pear, or possibly Hourglass.

Bikini Body – Pear Shapes—These are normally a WHR of .8 or less with small or average bust. These women carry most of their weight in their hips, and may live longer than Apple-shaped women who carry fat in their abdomens. Pears have a lower risk of heart disease.

Typically, a WHR of 0.7 or less is associated with higher fertility and lower rates of chronic disease. Michelle Obama is a classic Pear.

Bikini Body – Hourglasses—These are usually Pears with a WHR of .8 or less, with a large bust within two inches of their hips. Women with Hourglass figures can have 30 percent more estrogen than other women. As a result, they are three times more likely to get pregnant, according to a study byHarvard University. They share the same longevity of Pears, but may have a slightly higher incidence of breast cancer.

Bikini Body – Apple Shapes—Studies indicate that nearly 50% of all women are Apples. Their WHR is .9 or larger. The body type is characterized by slim hips and thighs with larger bellies and flat behinds. Apples like Drew Barrymore aren’t necessarily overweight. A woman with a waistline larger than 32 inches is at an increased risk of diabetes and heart attack. Most women will eventually become Apple’s due to estrogen loss. Authorities recommend Apples to consider HRT at menopause, and throughout their lives to keep their weight under control through healthy eating and regular exercise.

Bikini Body – Rectangles—This shape has relatively equal measurements between the bust, waist and hip, and a WHR of .9 or higher. Rectangles are usually more competitive, physically stronger and better equipped to handle stress. Classic examples are Keira Knightley or Gwyneth Paltrow.

Bikini Body – Shape Shifters—For the most part, the shape you’re born into is the shape you’ll be. Often, women don’t realize their real body type until their 30s when their bodies have matured. You can’t change your shape, but you can change tendencies, especially belly fat.

Enjoy a low stress lifestyle, Yoga and/or meditation, drink plenty of water and dedicate yourself to a consistently high level of cardiovascular exercise.

Bikini Fitness Bikini Body Body Shapes

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