Afraid to wear a Bikini

Afraid to wear a Bikini

Afraid to wear a Bikini – It’s a tail of fear born and bred into women from the time they are young. Even if you talk to the afraid to wear a bikinisuper models that wear bikinis every day for a living, most will tell you the fear of putting on a bikini is excruciating. Yes they are afraid to wear a bikini… What a sad state of affairs when women are ashamed of their own bodies and most of this is caused by media and society creating an unachievable image for women.

Fear to Wear a Bikini – It’s a problem that has to end….Don’t be afraid to wear a bikini!!!

For years the runways were filled with anorexic models strutting down carpeted runways with legs so skinny you can see their bones, cheekbones protruding and sinewy arms. Not only is this unhealthy but let’s be honest, it’s ghastly to look at. We are not talking about the normal skinny girl here, we are talking about what society and media have created over the years.

But there is relief on the horizon. Within the last two years, we have seen one of the most popular women’s fashion industry leaders openly refuse and criticize a model because she was too big, imagine, but the irony is that this same model has made the front page of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Magazine two years running and has gone on to grace the covers of other leading fashion magazines. Vogue has named her the super model of the year afraid to wear a bikiniand it goes on and on. Oh we forgot to mention that that same women’s fashion industry leader has had to make a public apology and is eating crow because of the uproar that was created not to mention the incredible loss of revenue.. Now here is the funny part, let’s be honest most women are afraid to wear a bikini because they are worried what men will think, “Who cares right” well 90 percent of the complainants over the comments made by the fashion industry leader about this model were men.

Afraid to wear a bikini, well times have changed girls. Time to get with the plan. Today, it’s all about looking healthy, smiling and confidence, don’t worry about being too skinny, too fat, too short or too tall. Be yourself, be proud and most important be confident

fear of the bikini, afraid to wear a bikiniAt the Bikini Police we get more questions in the area of fast weight loss than any other question. “I’m afraid to wear a bikini. How can I lose weight fast for bikini season”  I’m afraid to wear a bikini. enough is enough girls.  Here is the ugly truth. Men love curvy women, skinny women, short women tall women,  men adore the girl with confidence and a healthy figure, it’s not about being voluptuous or skinny or curvy, It’s about looking healthy, eating right and taking care of yourself and the bottom line key is be confident and love yourself and the rest will fall into place.

In conclusion we want to leave you with some homework. Follow the following steps exactly:

  • Get a slight tan
  • Purchase a bikini that suits your body type
  • Walk out onto a beach or resort deck
  • Stand straight, smile say “hi” as you walk by strangers
  • Walk with confidence

After you are done this exercise, we want you to evaluate how your day went; we guarantee the difference will be incredibly liberating. Stop worrying about your figure, go out, have fun.

It’s time to kill the “Fear of the Bikini” No more worrying about being afraid to wear a bikini.

We would like to thank Tropical Beach Fashions for the beautiful “PLUS SIZE” bikinis used in this photo shoot.

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