Add some bling to your swimwear wardrobe with Swimwear Accessories

Add some Bling to your swimwear wardrobe with Swimwear Accessories

Swimwear Accessories – Body Jewelry – It’s all about first impressions and there is nothing like walking out to the pool bar at your favorite resort in your favorite sexy bikini, sheer sarong, but what about a little extra bling for the occasion.

Swimwear Accessories Body JewleryIt’s all about details, and the additional bling adds the final touch to your beach attire. Swimwear accessories are important.

The navel ring or belly button rings is by far the most popular when it comes to swimwear accessories for any beach bikini attire. It adds a little extra focus, but wait; it also has a second bonus effect. Let’s say for example you have wider hips and you are wearing the perfect bikini to accommodate this. A navel ring can be the perfect final touch to draw attention away from that region. In addition if you are trying to elongate your torso, a navel ring that is slightly dangly will have an enormous effect and immediately draws the attention of on lookers.

Matching the color of you navel ring to your bikini color is also a really classy way to dress up your wardrobe and add the final detailed touch.

Toe rings are another great attention grabber that people overlook. Because a toe ring is not as common, it immediately draws attention and gives a detailed finishing appearance. Now let’s be honest, you don’t want a ring on every toe but two rings max is a great combination to add a little extra sex appeal to your outfit, especially if you have just had your nails done.

Earrings, not to large just simply earrings will add a really classy look to your swimwear outfit at any occasion.

Swimwear Accessories Hair ScarfHead bands and scarfs are another really popular item this year. Usually set to match you swimsuit, these accents add a really nice touch to your beach outfit plus are a functional way to keep your hair in place under windy beach conditions. The options are endless but the bandana has seen an increase in popularity but the real winner is the hair scarf which adds a delicate touch to your attire

A final note, the fashion industry is changing at an incredible rate. Skinny is no longer the in style for bikini fashions, just check out this year’s cover shots for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. Voluptuous curves are where it’s at and it’s about time. So don’t just wear that bikini, “Own That Bikini’ Dress it up with some really nice accessories. We guarantee you will be turning heads everywhere you go.

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