Underwire Bikini Tops How To Get The Proper Size

About Underwire Bikini Tops

Underwire Bikini Tops – The underwire bikini top typically is designed to either lift and separate the bust or lift and Underwire Bikini Tops - Correct sizing, How to buy - Where to buydraw in the bust depending on the desired look.

For the sake of this article. It is important to know that a support or under-wire bikini top does not have an under-wire made of wire. Instead it has an under-wire made of plastic. Wire in a bathing suit would very quickly oxidize when it got wet.

Underwire Bikini Top Sizing

Breasts have two main aspects that are key to proper sizing. Diameter and projection. The diameter is simply the measurement or girth of the bust. This measurement is taken around the torso under the armpits.

The second measurement is the cup or projection size. For example, when selecting a size “DD”. You are selecting the projection size. Each underwire bikini top has a band size and a projection size built into it in the form of an under-wire. When changing the band size you can change the support or under-wire size. With this said, it is key to understand that the same size under-wire is used in a 36C, 34D and 38B cup size.

Under-wire Detail – Understanding the logic behind the standard sizing of under-wire sizes is simple. The difference in diameter between each cup size is 3/8 of an inch. This means that if the wire itself was stretched out in a straight line, the difference in length would be 5/8

Underwire Bikini Top Chart

Underwire Bikini Top Size:

Reviewing the chart above, you will notice that each bra size in the same color diagonal line uses the same wire size.

Using the information that you have learned so far. You can easily choose the right underwire bikini top size. For example, Say you found a bikini top that fits you perfectly in the cups but is tight around your rib cage. Simply go to the chart above and you can easily find the next size band with the same size cup or under-wire.

When you wear an underwire bikini top, the support band or wire will splay or spread slightly. It is this action that gives lift to your bust and leaves you with that comfortable supported feeling.


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Below is a simplified chart for buying underwire bikini tops.

Simplified Underwire Bikini Top Sizing Chart


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