www.tropicalbeachswimwear.com releases 2013 bikini swimwear fashions

www.tropicalbeachswimwear.com Releases 2013 Bikini Swimwear Fashions

Tropical Beach Swimwear after finishing a banner year has just released their 2013 bikini swimwear line.

Check out the latest beach fashions at Bikini Swimwear 2013


www.tropicalbeachswimwear.com bikinis swimwear swimsuits

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One thought on “www.tropicalbeachswimwear.com releases 2013 bikini swimwear fashions
  1. I feel compelled to tell you a story about my daughter Sandy who went to Mexico in 2010 for her grad trip in March. She was 18 years old and had never travelled before. When she arrived in Mexico she was given a bit of a hard time in customs then when she went to get her luggage, it was nowhere to be found.
    When Sandy got to the resort, she was sitting in the main lobby crying and very upset. This man older gentlemen walked up to her and asked if she was ok, between sobs, she explained to him why she was upset and that her trip was ruined without her luggage.
    The man said I have a daughter at home the same age as her. He then told her not to worry and to go ahead and check into her room and pointed to a bar by the main pool and said to meet him and his wife there in 30 minutes.
    The man showed up with his wife carrying two boxes that were gift wrapped, they put them on the ground in front of her and said “enjoy your stay in Mexico” and walked away.
    When my daughter opened the boxes she was shocked to find a complete wardrope including three dresses, 4 bikinis, a couple of one piece swimsuits and a number of sarongs from Tropical Beach Swimwear plus 4 tickets to Swim With The Dolphins.
    Later on she ran into the couple again and tried to give them some money, they told her not to worry about it and enjoy her vacation.
    It turned out that the couple were the owners of Tropical Beach Swimwear and I can’t thank them enough.
    It is hard to find kind people these days but they went over and above to help my daughter.
    Thanks Andy Abunnion

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