Women Should Applaud Their Smaller Breasts In A Bikini

Women Should Applaud Their Smaller Breasts In A Bikini

Ruffled bikini for small breasts-1Recently we posted an article on bikinis for smaller breasts. The article gave a number of options for women that either wanted to increase the appearance of their bust size in a bikini or our preferred option, which was not to worry about it and wear a simple string bikini. You can refer to this article here

The response that we received from this article was surprising and we decided to do some investigation and share our results.

Before we begin, we would like to share some of the comments that we received.

  1. I have a fetish for small boobs, actually ….Allan
  2. A little fat is sexy. I don’t care for really big boobs. A big butt is nice, but so is a kind of small one. But a little fat around the belly is kind of nice…..Steve S
  3. Flat or slightly chubby OK, must be curvy, the main indicator is bodyfat, keep it between 15-25% ….Jamie Donavin
  4. I like small boobs but really as long as she’s healthy I don’t care….Dave J
  5. Its about time someone focused on women with smaller boobs, I don’t get the whole big boob thing. It’s really about what suits the her and if she is confident…Danny L
  6. I always liked bigger boobs when I was younger but married a women with an A Cup and think she is sexy as hell and have never looked back. That was 14 years ago and I still love her breasts. Really, it’s all about how she carries herself and her confidence. To quote my wife…”Just Own That Bikini” ….Pat / Linda P.


So moving forward we checked out some poles that have been taken and here are the results.

The question asked was – What Bra Size Do Men Prefer?

 What Bra Size Do Men Prefer

The question asked was – Do Men Prefer Real Breasts Or Implants?

SO Do Men Prefer Implants Or Real Breasts

I fairness to everyone, the one conclusion we got out of this investigation is that, really it is not about Bra Size or Butt Size Height or anything like that. It’s all about how a woman feels about herself and how she carries herself. Confidence is key.

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Women Should Applaud Their Smaller Breasts In A Bikini

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