Fats that Eliminate Belly Fat For Swimwear Season

Fats that Eliminate Belly Fat

All fats are not created equal

Fats That Reduce Belly FatAlthough you may not like the sound of it, we need to eat fat every day. Fat aids in nutrient absorption, nerve transmission and maintaining cell membranes. Fat also comes in four distinct types that can be called the great, good, bad and horrible. Consuming too much fat, even if it’s the great kind, can lead to weight gain, as with any other macronutrient such as protein or carbohydrates.

Great Fat (MUFAs)

Some research indicates consumption of this type of fat can actually help eliminate belly fat. This great fat, also associated with looking younger longer, is called Monounsaturated Fatty Acids of MUFAs. It lowers the bad cholesterol while increasing the good cholesterol so it’s good for the heart.

Mediterranean diets are loaded with MUFAs which can be found in olives, nuts, seeds, oils, avocados and dark chocolates. Instead of regular olive oil, look for Avocado Zest Oil for salads and cooking—it’s loaded with MUFAs.

Good Fat (Polyunsaturated)

Polyunsaturated fats in salmon, fish oils and corn, safflower, soy and sunflower oils contain Omega 3 fatty acids that are good for the body. If you don’t eat many types of seafood, you might consider supplementing with Omega 3.

FAT FACT: Women tend to store fat just under the skin while men store fat deeper. That’s why a man’s beer belly appears to be hard like muscle, when it is actually deep fat pushing against the abdominal walls.

Bad Fat (Sat Fat)

Bad fat comes from animal products. Called saturated fats, these fats raise blood cholesterol levels and increase the risk of heart disease. Meat, especially red meat, eggs, cheese, milk and some seafood contains bad fat, as well as coconut oil, palm oil and palm kernel oil. Look for the latter in cereals and cereal bars. Consuming too many of these bad fats increases your risk of heart disease.

HEART FACT: If you’re ever in the position of having to apply chest compressions for a heart attack victim, hum the tune from the John Travolta classic “Staying’ Alive.” It’s set at 103 beats per minute, the exact pace recommended for chest compressions.

Horrible Fat (Trans fat)

In an attempt to improve the shelf life of processed foods scientists created a new type of fat called Trans Fat, a result of hydrogenation. Sometimes listed on the label as partially hydrogenated oils or partially fragmented oils, Trans Fat is worse than saturated fat for creating arterial plaque. Read labels and avoid all Trans fat.

Bottom Line

Use olive and flax seed oil; avoid palm oil and vegetable shortening. Eat only low fat and skim dairy products. Always cut visible fat and skin from meat. Minimize processed foods and lunch meats. Increase your intake of fresh vegetables and fruits. Drink lots of water, exercise and make sure you get a good night’s rest.

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