String Bikinis

String Bikinis

String Bikinis Moderate to full coverage

Full coverage String Bikinis

The basic string bikini ranges in design and moderation from the minimal coverage string bikinis for example the g string bikini and the thong sting bikini to moderate coverage and full coverage string bikini swimsuits. The latest fashion craze are the cheeky string bikinis which shows a little more of the buttocks than the normal Brazilian designs.

String bikinis are typically a little more revealing than the traditional bikini. The string bikini gets its name its typical design features. Consisting of two triangle shaped pieces connected at the groin area with strings connecting the sections around the waist. Similar to the bottom, the string bikini top consists of two triangular pieces covering the bust held in place by stings around the chest and over the shoulders.

Want to see some stunning String Bikinis.

String Bikinis

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