What is a Push Up Bikini Top and Where Can I Get One

What Are Push Up Bikini Tops and Where Can I Get One

Push Up Bikini Tops add depth and size the the bust

The push up bikini top offers a great deal of lift and support for small to medium sized breasts

Push Up bikini tops come in two main styles, the simple triangle push up top and the underwire push up bikini top. The difference between the two is simply that that underwire push up top typically is for larger busts that require more support to achieve the push up effect.

The simple push up top pulls the bust inward while pulling it up at the same time giving a fuller rounded appearance to the bust. This is achieved by allowing the cups to curve around the outside of the breasts and pulling in towards the center link. For smaller to medium sized breasts, these bikini tops will make your bust line look larger and will give a rounded full appearance.

Made from with double stitched seams, these bikini tops will for the most part achieve the desired effect with excellent results. The bust tends to stay in place due to the design of the breast patch or pocket, the pocket offers a scooping effect that not only enhances your bust but keeps things firmly in place.

The second option for breast enhancement is the underwire bikini top. This bikini top is designed for women with larger busts or medium sized busts looking for extra support. These bra styled bikini tops offer a great deal of control and comfort. Like the name says, this top has a wire or support band under the bust line that is stitched into the band. This support wire or band keeps the bust line firmly raised deepening the cleavage.  The underwire bikini top offers a great deal of support and keeps things neatly in place if worn correctly  To see more underwire and push up bikini tops check out Tropical Beach Swimwear and Fashion

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