Thong Bikinis

Thong Bikinis

The thong bikini has earned its place in the beach fashion scene. One thought of as taboo or trashy, the thong bikini is now seen as a common and respected fashion item on beaches around the world. Still banned on a limited number of beaches, the thong bikini has earned a wide acceptance.

Sometimes called the g string bikini, the thong bikini comes in a wide range of colors, styles and prints, from stunning animal prints to solid colors and sheer.

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Incredibly sexy thong and g string bikinis

The sheer thong bikini depending on the material and color is basically translucent. Lighter colors tend to be more see thru then darker colors.

Wearing a thong bikini for the first time can be slightly uncomfortable as the string rides between the buttocks however after a wearing one for a short period of time; most women enjoy the worry free freedom the thong bikini offers.

Secondly the first time a women wears a thong bikini, she may find the additional attention she receives may be uncomfortable but keep in mind it is not the Thong bikini that is drawing the attention, it is you new found confidence that is  displayed by most women that causes the attention.

When purchasing a thong bikini, purchase a thong bikini as if you were shopping for underwear, the sizing is exactly the same

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